'I heard it through a friend of a friend, so I know as little as anyone. They say that there’s a website somewhere, no address, just an IP. Just a boring corporate website, the corp doesn’t exist of course.

If you get through the login, you will get on a betting page. You can bet there on all manner of things - sports results, elections, anything. You can even beth when will be particular children born, like six at a time for example. And you can bet on the death of someone.

It works like this: you bet a certain person dies in a certain timeframe - the longer, the more you have to pay of course, and whoever runs the website determines the stake. If you loose, the money stays in the jackpot. If you win, you get some bonus, and the whole jackpot.

So imagine you’re a gangster who doesn’t like a judge, and bet some money on his death. If he dies, you win, if not, the money stays and grows on the interest… and you can be sure somebody will notice, and take care of one day. And you know there’s plenty of killers out there who will work for a few dollars - or a few thousand, or hundred thousand.

They say that ShadWolf Three found the site, and got inside, that finding it was the harder part. They say he’s seen a long list of many politicians and businessmen, yeah, judges even, and the 'jackpots' listed with each. For some of the figures I’d be a killer, no doubt about it. Too bad the man vanished later… so maybe it’s not just a tale.'


1. The website is real, founded by the ubervillain of the world, who provides this courtesy service to any who find use for it. The knowledge of it will spread, and as a gateway site, it will better connect the customers and their contract killers. As the 'jackpot' will grow with each bet, basically any publicly known figure (oops, that counts superheroes, too!) would sooner or later be profitable to kill.

Naturally, the website will have to move frequently, as every secret service and police force will hunt it and shut it down with any and all means at their disposal. Good luck with finding it - and more luck if your jackpot becomes high enough.

2. The website is a front for a CIA/NSA/FSB/Mossad/... (insert secret service of choice) operation that uses it for own assassinations, and to infiltrate contract killers and their employers.

Merely visiting the page will result in their subtle or not so subtle attention.

3. The website is an urban myth, a spooky tale for the young hackers, but it refers to actual websites of shadowy organisations that are strictly closed to the public. If you accidentaly hit upon one, beware.

Now if you happen to find the records of ShadWolf Three who did precisely that, you might just hack your way into their servers…

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