Gar Eels live in the large,weed choked rivers and lakes that cover much of the Powi lands,are are revered as godlings by these primitive people. Many shamans say that the power to control the rains, rest with the Gar Eel or Messengers of the rains, as they are known by the tribes.
A solitary wanderer that takes great care to never intrude intorealmrelam claimed by another of its kind,the Gar Eel is a massive aquatic creature that measures 20 feet from the tip of its elongated hooked tail,to the nose of the monstrous black head. Mostly black in color with milky brown stripes running down their flanks,they devour all kinds of river life with their gaping mouths. But despite their massive size, these shy, elusive creatures have nebeenbenn known to attack any human that has fallen into the domain of this river king. On the contrary,there are many stories of how devout Powi have beens saved from the vicious jaws of a crocodile or alligator by the sudden appearance of the Gar Eel that is said to allow no lesser creature of the waters to harm any of its devotees. To experience an encounter of this nature,is said to be extremely fortunate,as the human saved has now been blessed by the sacred Gar Eel and will have good fortune with anything water related in the years to come.
Additional Information
Embedded in the middle of the GaEels's forehead, lies a massive red stone the size of a human heart. Local folklore claims that the stone contains rare powers of immortality. Of course, any attempt to slay a Gar Eel for its fabled stone is considered a great sin, and any offenders are put to death.
Ever year,prior to the harvest season,whole roasted pigs are thrown into the waters where the Gar Eel resides,a simple thank you from the Powi to their aquatic benefactors.

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