Full Description
The Enori was first sighted by the young hunter Alfon in the south of boundary forest. This animal was the most beautiful animal he had ever seen and would ever see in his long life.

It was the size of a large deer and was as strong as three. It possessed idilic white fur, hoofs that were as strong and fast as a horse's and a long slender neck.

He approched the animal and it was compleatly calm and innocent. The rare creature was at ease in his company but then the hunter decided to capture this amazing creature to gain great fame, but it rebelled when it saw the man's ill intent. Alfon's senses deteriorated and distorted to the point that he could see sound. When he regained his senses night had fallen and the beast had long fled. The hunter left the wood and spent the rest of his life looking for the creature.

He never saw it again but many hunters to tried to find it. Some found it and gave chase but their horses could not out run it. once or twice the animal surrounded its mental power repelled anyone who got close.

It remains to this day the most sought after creature in the dukedoms surrounding the forest, dozens of knights have tried and failed to find the Enori, the name being the elvish for unreachable.

Additional Information
The Enori's innocence has faded and it will use its mental attack to shock any humanoid form that it sees. It leaves them stunned for at least an hour. The creature covers its tracks behind it and hides in the safest places in the forest with pleanty of cover. It leaves no scent.

It can be caught by using a drug that prevents it from using its mental power, or sneaking up and knocking the Enori out before they can run or fight. It is hard but it can be caught.

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