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Not in the same sense of, A NEW LOOK subs which take an old monster, creature, or race of the role-playing genre and turn a fresh eye to it. The creatures of Hewdamia are similar in thought.

The full range of creatures in the world of Hewdamia are limited. I do not have the strange and powerful basilisks, Beholders, Medusea and other such common beings found in most fantasy based games. In fact, my typical creatures you do find here, the trolls, goblins, ogres, orcs are not typical at all. Each one is an attempt at being different.

Why should goblins be such an inferior race? They have superior numbers after all. So I changed them completely. Trolls, not your typical troll at all. In fact other than the name, it is possible they have little to do with their D&D cousins.

I always try to make things original although I know there are few original thoughts to the RPG community anymore, just fresh looks. Most of my creatures are just that, a fresh look. Skilled trolls whose craftmanship is sought after by all. giants who are unique, not in their looks (no one eyed giants here, but in their culture and lifestyle.

Please read through these and take them as they are, fresh ideas. Something different than the norm, at least I tried to make them different. So here it is and I hope you find it entertaining.

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