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April 8, 2011, 8:35 pm

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There are three types of Ma`no, each one nearly a different race as they have evolved through the years. They were all created by Sethalis for his master idea to take over the civilized races, but it was a failed attempt. These abominations live in multiple parts of the world, and will never be seen allied together as their dislike for each other is stronger than that for anything else.

The Ma`no are a group of similar races that have evolved separately to different ways. Think of early man when it began evolving from the ape to the missing link, to man. The ma`no are that bridge. They are the three steps to humanity lost.

Full Description
A bipedal creature that has a lower than average intelligence. They form clan like communities, settling down when food requires then to. They are a roaming race of semi-intelligent creatures. Sometimes they have permanent homes, but these are crude houses of wood and mud. Their skin is reddish in color, almost looking as if they were sunburned. Their facial features are broader then the Alla`t, with squat foreheads and high cheekbones, wide noses, and large mouths that hold crooked teeth. They stand roughly five foot five and are of a squat hunched build.

The Lider`l are ruled by a Shaman and a Chief, one who has proven themselves in battle. Normally the chief is the strongest one. These leaders are ruthless most of the time, expecting respect form the rest of the clan. Anything else is dealt with in a fast and brutal way. They can not have anyone that might be a candidate to take their leadership role walking around in the clan.

Their shamans are the only one of their race to have any ability to weild magic. It could be possible that their shamans are an evolved form and are closer to their Alla`t cousins than they think, or may want to admit. But it is there. They are crude in their worship, views sins of animals and weather to frighten their people into doing what they wish. Most of the time these sins and omens are fake and are used to make the masses think they have power and speakfor the Gods.

Like the Alla`t, they have a harsh and brutal justice on the weak. Normally they are killed by a family member to show loyalty to the clan. They have a blood lust that comes out in nearly every daily activity. They will attack people if they have an advantage of terrain or odds.

They are a self-centered race. Only the continuation of personal gain is important, so everyone else is a potential enemy. They were the second attempt by Sethalis to try to infiltrate into the armies that had human soldiers. Their brutish looks were a very easy way to tell them from the average human. Their below average intelligence, an unforseen mistake, made them difficult to penetrate the armies without killing anyone within the first day or so. All are still Followers of Sethalis and worship Him as their Creator.

Additional Information
They view their cousins as either traitors (the Alla`t) or weaklings (Obak`e). They see their cousins choice to settle instead of the way of the land is one of weakness. They settle but in times of the coldest of winters when their food hides until the warmth returns. They then build crude shelter and pack as many in them as possible for warmth. To accept the warmth of hearth and home over the strength of the wilds is to be weak and they do not respect them. In their limited intelligence can think of respect and disrespect.

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted Scrasamax
January 27, 2006, 8:56
Too much seems cut'n'paste from the Alla't post, and the basic premise is too similar as well.
January 27, 2006, 9:06
Will work on a rewrite.... I didn't realize they were that similar.
Voted axlerowes
February 16, 2015, 23:31
It is a clearly written race, and I get an idea for how they should be played. But the write up is pretty heavy handed, and relies heavily a system or in game references to other items in the world. Thus we only get a coarse picture of the beastmen, but I think you get your points across.

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