The Ma`no are a group of similar races that have evolved separately to different ways. Think of early man when it began evolving from the ape to the missing link, to man. The ma`no are that bridge. They are the three steps to humanity lost.

Full Description
A bipedal creature that has average intelligence. They form communities and have a better understanding and form of technologies than the other subraces of their kind. They build homes of wood and brick, and in places where they strive and conflict, they protect their communities with walls and minor fortifications that can withstand most harsh weather. They are very early tribal settlers who have finally given up the way of the nomad.

They have chosen to build their homes and grow as a new culture than simple travel from place to place starving for food and freezing from no shelter. They have a basic understanding of everything that seems near childish to the more establish races, but when seen back in perspective humans, gison, and the keirn were the same when they began settling.

Their skin is a pale green in color, almost looking like a sickly pale as a human would get when ill. Their facial features are broad with high foreheads, large cheekbones, flat noses and wide jaws that hold many teeth. The stand around five foot eight to six feet tall and are average in build. The Alla`t in charge of the community is always chosen because of their intelligence and ability to continue to protect they community as a whole. But, even though they seem more civilized, they have a harsh justice on the weak. They have a blood lust, that once began, is never easy to quell.

They are a self-centered race. Only the continuation and protection of the community is important, so everyone else not of their people is an enemy. They were first spawned by Sethalis as a tool to try to infiltrate into the armies that had human soldiers to cause havoc and dissension. Their brutish looks were a very easy way to tell them from the average human. Their average intelligence, an unforseen mistake, made them question the reality of who they were as well, causing them to stop doing as Sethalis bid. All the time. Some are still Followers of Sethalis, whole communities, but those are the more brutal of their kindred. Like any other racial group, they wish to expand their community for the whole of the people. Sometimes starting war to conquer more or better lands, occasionally their nature seeps out and they act on their inner brutality.

Additional Information
The have two cousins of sorts that they despise for their relation to them. The Lider`l and the Obak`e, both of which are not as intelligent and therefore seen as inferior to them because of it.

While they are beginning to settle their homes and family, they still have a lust for war and feeling superior to others. Because of this they still mount aggressive actions against outlying settlements to far from the more civilized lands so not to attract to much attention.

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