Hewdamian Demons

From the depths of the void the masses crash through the Gates of Forlorn and wreak havok on the world of men. The flood is an unending tide of chaos and destruction that is everlasting. Their thirst for blood is surpassed only by the rising of the son, on it stands eternal. On the comming of the Flood, the children of the lost god will reign supreme on a charred world where the people are enslaved, and the rulers are Demonblood.

- Excerpt from the tome of Caedmon.


Full Description
Demon's are one of the most feared creatures known, yet they are not of Hewdamia. They are from somewhere else. No one knows exactly where they come from, but a few know how they get here. There are doorways, or gates, scattered across the lands in remote parts of the world where these creatures are able to enter the world. Before the War of the Gods, Caedmon created these gates and hid them from the prying eyes of the other Gods, lest the find out about them before he could use them. It is not known whether Caedmon knew of the Demon's before coming to Hewdamia, or if his main purpose to coming here was to bring them to destroy the world. Before he could activated the gates and allow the swarm of Demons to come through the gates, the War started and he eventually died. Now the gates sit cold and inactive. A few were damaged in the Great War and allow a single Demon to come through on rare occasions. There a few keys scattered about the world though that Caedmon hid in the event he was unable to open them. These keys are coveted by his continued followers.

Demons have social castes that they fall under. When they are born, they are born into these castes and forever stay. They are never able to better their station. Each one is content to stay in their caste but is more than willing to fight up the chain to a more lucrative position. These castes are the Nobles, the middle class, and the slave class.

Da`Sregt (Day re jet) - Noble
The Da`Sregt is the ruling caste to their race. In their mind they are born perfect and fitted to rule. They are by far the more intelligent and most powerful of their race. They are not demonic or horrific creatures. In fact, they are very angelic looking and beautiful. Their skin color ranges from ebony black, deeps reds, to pearlescent white.

They have a better than average intelligence and are as strong as most animals of burden. Their skin color ranges from deep reds, or endless blacks. They have frightening visages with large teeth and glowing red eyes. Some have wings while others have multiple arms. All have a similar look to them however. While on the world of Hewdamia, they live where they can, choosing the depths of the world or other remote parts of the lands where most mortals choose not to travel. They rarely gather in large groups as it attracts attention, but they will gather followers or hire mercenaries to form armies to attack anyone they see as easy prey. Their goal is to open the Demon Gates and destroy the mortals, taking over the world. They are immune to fear and can only be hurt by weapons of high quality and magic. This is a side effect from their travels from their world.

The nobles of demon kind are different from the rest of their kin. The top three demons of nobility are singular in nature. They have one ruler with two demons who reside below him. They alternate between the three of them constantly fighting with one another, but never to the death as their existence is unique. The nobles do not age so they are forever in their caste. The other nobles below them however, are born and raised to fight. Seldom do they fight one another, but have been known to try and supplant a brother or cousin above them for power.

Every noble demon born of a certain caste is all called by the same name, with an added surname of their choosing. These are usually to strike fear into their enemies or show of their deeds. Regardless of this self given title, they are all of the same blood and therefore of the same name. When describing these demons, singular tones will be used to describe them but only in the sense of their particular caste of demon kind, not them personally.

There are approximately seven different nobles with the Three ever present. The Three seldom die, and only at the hands of someone or something. When they are replaced, the remaining members of the Three ake them into hiding and process their future into the ruling Three. When they emerge, they are not ever immortal as was their predessessor.

Ba`craht (Ba crate) - Middle Class
The Ba'craht are of the middle class. They supply most of the warrior and commanding class of the demon kin. They protect the nobles and rule their armies. Their generals are of this caste and willingly stay within its confines, knowing that to be greedy is to end up in the pits.

The Ba'craht are what are most commonly thought of as demons. They are hideous beasts who smell of death, blood, and rage. They are intelligent but animalistic in nature, almost feral. Someone are humanoid in appearance with animal features, while others assault the senses with visual attrocities to plague the mind for years. Every demon born of this caste are warriors by nature. They all relish in the battle for blood, fighting among the ranks to be the first in battle. They have some of the best military minds of the demons as they spend their entire life by the edge of a weapon.

They have few social responsibilities or desires outside of gathering for death. During the time when a call to the Pits are given, this is the only time outside of battle that they will usually spend a large amount of time gathered together. This is mainly due to a lack of trust at what the other demons of your station are thinking. Regardless whether it is natural to them to compete and kill for power, they still fear gathering in large groups lest it be there last.

There are approximately ten demons of the Ba'craht caste, all of which have some purpose for war. Whether they are the generals of the Legions or guards of the Three, all of them are bred for war and destruction. Unlike their noble masters, they take on individual names ot try and bring a quality to themselves that shows their worth. Similar in the nobles surnames, their names usually inspire fear or show their deeds of many battles. Usually the longer the name the more prestige they carry.

Fel`Krethsh (Fell kretch) - Slave
The Fel'Krethsh are the slave caste of the demons. They are the workers that keep everything the way the masters want it. Should a need arise for more at the Pits, they gather hunts and bring them to the Pits, keeping them full for their masters.

Most of the Fel`Krethsh are animalistic in intelligence. They understad command and the wants of their masters, but no nothing but to appease. They are the small imps in the night, the horrible shadows that stalk dreams and nightmares. They are what people fear in the dark with no name.

There are approximately ten demons of the Fel`Krethsh, most of them being half breeds. A few however are truely horrendous and seldom are found on a field of battle. A majority of the Fel`krethsh are the fodder and shock troops of the demon hordes. No real organization to them they are grouped together and given a spot to kill. They do not stop until they are given an order by their masters and will continue to kill, even when there is no one left of the enemy. They will begin to turn on each other all to appease their masters.


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Article Codex

Taur By: Mourngrymn
Lifeforms • Third Kingdom • Other

“My Lord Oweadyen, the enemy awaits our presence on the Plains of Forever Sorrow. Our advanced scouts have seen no possible threat of flanks, what are your orders?”

“The infidels shall quiver at my thunder and feel their complacency at the fall of my sword. Send in the Taurs, make them bleed.”

Slaughter them all and pray to the Weapon that Kills that this day will be bloody. Sing the song of your God and may they get you through today!”

- Legatus Suuhai - Commander of the Minotaur Armies of the Blades - The Demon Wars

Flesh Stalker By: Mourngrymn
Lifeforms • Third Kingdom • Any

“Check the right flank, it seems to be weakening. be damned for their commander. I knew of Convius when I was fighting my way up to this position. It grieves me to say this, send in a stalker. Without him standing among his legions they will fall on our flank.

it grieves me that after today, I will not pit myself against him in battle one last time.”

Legatus Suuhai - Commander of the Minotaur Armies of the Blades - The Demon Wars

Demon Gates By: Mourngrymn
Locations • Ruins • Any

The Demon gates are all hidden from prying eyes, either under mountains or lost within their vast chasms. In fortresses hidden by magic, or guarded by the unknowing. A single key, if found, will open only a specific gate. However, directions to the gates location are inscribed on each key in a demonic script. Only those loyal to Caedmon, or can understand the ancient written language of the Demon’s are able to read it.

The gates are massive stone doorways standing roughly thirty feet in height and twenty feet wide and made of black granite or onyx, with scenes of a demonic horde flooding through the gate as a wave through a cistern. Horrific images of murder and unspeakable acts toward the mortal races also adorn the doors.

Choke Horror By: Mourngrymn
Lifeforms • Fauna • Other

Choke horrors are nightmarish creatures that give the most knowledgeable and adventurous pause. They are tall gangly bipedal creatures that have four whip like appendages instead of arms.

Sarku Demon By: Mourngrymn
Lifeforms • Third Kingdom • Any

'I see an upstart within the ranks of the Ba'craht. This can not be. I, Sarku the Impaler of a Thousand Children, am forced to qwell those who try to supplant their superiors yet again. It is good to be me.'

Sarku the Impaler of a Thousand Children, Murder of the Coup of Hundred Souls, Judge of the Three

Abject beauty corupted with a dark soul and no heart. Can beauty be the ultimate evil?

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