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April 8, 2011, 7:42 pm

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Fey Hound


A fey hound is a majestic animal, blending feline and wolf aspects to form a complete graceful animal.

A fey hound is rather large, with it’s shoulders sitting at about 4 feet and it’s very intelligent eyes that glimmer in total darkness. Its body has a look of a strong wolf, with the head and shoulders of a great panther. It has the strength and hungery of a wolf, yet the speed defies a wolfs sprint and its quick reflexes able it to fight like a caged demon. It’s coat is very soft and dark. Dark browns and blacks are very common, with shades of grey spotted throughout. A fey hound will favor the traits of either the wolf or the panther aspects of its inheritance, but not usually both.

Fey Hounds live in small family pacts. Usually a male is head of the family and the rest follow his lead. On average a family pact will be anywhere from two to five hounds living together, roaming the countryside. The females nurture their young until they are old enough to fend on their own. The young usually only stay a few years after their birth, then move on to make family pacts of their own.

They are very close knit and will protect one of their own kind as often as one of their own pact.

They are very shy and skittish of outside people, mostly humans and other bipeds. They learned long ago that not all of the bipeds are the same. While some respect them others will covet them for the coat or their looks. They tend to stay away from populated areas and will usually hide when people approach.

They are very good natured however, and if the trust of one can be garnered then it is a trust and respect for the life of the family pact. They let others of their kind know who they trust and who they don’t. Their communication is very broad and swift. They are able to pass on the sent os the person in question so all of their kin know which biped to trust and protect.

They are helpers of those who call the wilderness their home. They will come to the aid of someone who calls their home the same as the hounds. As long as they have gained the respect of the male of the pact, then they will be viewed as a friend. Stories of harsh winters where pacts of hounds hunted for trapped weary frontiersmen filter through the wilderness towns and villages. Gathering food and branches for fire to keep them warm.

They have a hatred toward all things unnatural and will often join the fight when dealing with any creature fitting that quality. They have a special dislike toward worgs. Where they will often fight to the death just to remove one from their natural order. They travel in small packs and are rarely seen alone.

Additional Information
When actually seen, it is viewed as a good omen or good luck. Their coats are coveted by poachers and collectors and a live young hound is worth a king’s ransom in some places. Softer than silk and more durable than common leather and fur, the rich and wealthy pay a fortune to own such a unique and rarely found item.

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Comments ( 6 )
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November 5, 2005, 13:34
Updated: This is a very good creature to use as a bane against worgs, winter wolves and the like if they are in a setting that you may be using. Any non-natural creature is seen as as prey.
Voted MoonHunter
November 5, 2005, 14:17
While it can be said that I am partial to wolves and wolf like creatures, this is still a great write up. The animals have a real feel, while still being fantasy creatures. I give this write up two paws. :)
Voted Zylithan
November 16, 2005, 20:50
I agree with Moonhunterthat it is a very good write up, but it seems too much like a generic intelligent fantasy wolf to me (yeah, i realize how weird that sounds ;-o) Adding a cat head does make it not just a wolf, but I don't understand why a cat head makes it run like a cat and have reflexes, and similarly I would think it would lose some of its ability to track scent. I know I'm being picky here, but I love a good marriage of form and function.
March 29, 2006, 13:56
I am of two minds on this creature. On one hand, I like the creative and colorful write-up of the creature. On the other, it is neither fey, nor hound-like. I imagined something a little more fairie-fey, and less of a worghound. A solid creature, good for almost any setting.
Voted Scrasamax
March 29, 2006, 13:56
forgot to vote.
Voted Cheka Man
February 24, 2018, 20:07
*strokes the hound*

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