Full Description

Ka'tshar are very similar to ants with one exception. They are about 6" long. They have a above animal intelligence but still can not communicate with intelligent beings. Their mandibles are large and extremely strong, being able to punch through most chain mail with ease. They are very skittish when it comes to confrontation with things far bigger than they are, but wil lswarm in the hundreds if their mounds are provoked. Often overpowering even the mightiest of cretures with sheer numbers.

The Ka'tshar are generally found in desert environments but have been seen in plains areas that tend to be dry and devoid of an abundance of life. Their nests are generally underground with their mounds sometimes stand ten feet above the ground and go as deep as forty feet below the surface. Falling in one is not advisable. The tunnels have been known to be lage enough for a small snimal to crawl into or even a small child, however most do not make it ten feet into the tunnels before soldiers are sent to remove intruders.

They have a number of different sources of food. The workers who are detailed to forage outside of the nest gnerally look for water bearing plants to suppliment the need for water in such a dry climate. These workers are very specific and do not have any defense other than running. However, this a select group of foraging Ka'tshar that search for real food. These groups ranks are generally filled with at least 1/3 of the soldier caste. The soldiers compliment the workers by taking down small prey for the use of food.

They are aggressive enough to swarm animals and use them for food. The largest swarm seen has been able to take down a healthy Yeaken within three minutes. They use the animal as any other scavenger would by taking what they need back to the colony to feed the queen and the rest of the colony.

Caste Distinction
Their coloring dictates their station in the colony.
Workers : A soft color orange.
Soldiers : Red and black striped with a numbing secretion on their mandibles that slowly paralyze their victims. Normally used only on food to stop it and bring it back to the workers.
Scouts : Also known as swarmers. They have a set of functional wings that they use to fly and find food and water. They look similar to the soldier but without the black stripes. Their mandibles are just as large but lack the secretion of the soldiers.
Queen : About 8" long, with a white sticky pouch attached to her midsection. She seldom moves and is protected by a vast number of soldiers at ever moment of the day. She lays approximately fifty eggs a day. Some of which are used for food for the colony, 2/3 of which actually make it to hatch.

The eggs of the Ka'tshar are very nutritious and are a delicacy in most homes. They are traded with some of the other cultures in the land and put on the tables of the rich and important. The eggs average 3" long and look similar to a chicken egg with a soft outer shell.

Additional Information
At any given time the queen is guarded by a dozen soldiers, some of which will second as a husband for a short time. They will give down their life for the protection of her and the eggs alone. They will never move from her chambers. The queen can call forth more soldiers should the need arise.

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