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The Calcobrinian Hotblood is the oldest and Purest of all the breeds of Aterrizar. And is considered by many to be the single most beautiful of all the breeds as well. With it's refined head, dished profile, large expressive eyes, high spirits, and unique floating gait.

The breed has been carefully and selective breed from centuries, However the exact origins have long ago been lost to time and the desert sands, and are now unclear for the most part.

The Calcobrinian Hotbloods thrive on the plains of Kovu, but do adapt very well to life in the harsh desert environment as well. They have Extreme endurance for traveling long distances at fast paces, they have the ability to thrive on the most meager of food sources and with very little water.

The appearance of this breed is very unique. This is due to some subtle skeletal difference between the Calcobrinian Hotblood and other breeds. The Calcobrinian Hotblood only have 17 ribs as opposed to the normal 18 of any other horse. They also have only 5 lumbar vertebrae as opposed to 6 and they have 16 tail vertebrae where other breeds have 18. This gives The Calcobrinian Hotblood the appearance of a small framed light boned riding horse.

They are predominately found in the color grey, but chestnuts and bays are also seen and even rarely a black. However because of the prejudice against black horses that gene has almost entirely been weeded out of the breed except for a throwback every now and then. No matter what coat color they are all Calcobrinian Hotbloods have black skin. this keeps them form being sunburnt and helps them with temperature regulation by refecting some of the suns heat.

The Calcobrinian Hotblood on average stands between 60 and 64 inches at the highest point on their back. This is a comparatively small size, but does not hinder them in any way from easily and quickly carrying a fully grown man across desert terrain with ease. The Calcobrinian Hotblood has a small head with a broad forehead, a dished or concave profile and fine tapered muzzle that looks as if they could drink from a teacup. Their nostrils are large and flared as compared to the size of their muzzle> This allows for maximum air intake with each breath when traveling at high speeds. Their ears are small and come to form distinct points at the ends.

The line of their jowl is clean and clearly defined setting into an elegantly arched neck that ends in strong sloping shoulders and well defined withers. Their chest is deep and roomy to provide plenty of room for a large heart and ample expansion of the lungs. The back is short and level with a body that has well sprung ribs that provide a barrel like appearance. The tail is sat high on the croup and often carried in the air like a banner. the legs of the Calcobrinian Hotblood are long and clean with well defined tendons, and fine yet densely compact bone. This aids in the Hotbloods natural soundness. The hooves are smaller and more rounded than other horses of comparable size. They are also harder than other horses so as to withstand the harsh footing of the desert.

the Calcobrinian Hotblood is well suited for a variety of tasks from light riding to racing. They are the preferred breed for use be desert travellers and nomads. The also make nearly unbeatable race horses, with the speed to sprint and the power to run long distances. The hotbloods have a natural spiritedness to them them that requires a firm hand and discipline. However those who attempt to force the breed into obedience often fail with painful consequences.

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