Recently I was thinking back to my honeymoon in Hawaii. On this tiny island (Kuai... home of Lilo and Stitch) you could get three different kinds of breakfast: Mainland (eggs, bacon, toast), Japanese (a 3' square of broiled fish and rice) or Islander (which is sort of a hybrid, my favorite being Moco Loco ... Hamburger steak on rice, smothered with beef gravy). The only difference between Moco Loco for breakfast or dinner was with dinner it came with scoop of macaroni salad). I think some of you will know where I am going with the epicurian theme.

Every culture has a different idea of what constitute's breakfast. Even regions inside the same culture very quite a bit (like grits with hot sauce in Texas or Fishcake mix in omelets in New Hampshire).

So list what people eat for breakfast in each city/ region/ culture of your world. You can even break it down by class, if needed. You should know the game world you are playing in well enough to do this entry. It is part of the 7/8s of the iceberg, parts of the world that you (as an GM or author) need to know, but the players/ readers consciously do not. If you don't, perhaps you need to work on the world some more.

In addition to breakfast, what other special food traditions help define your setting's culture?

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Known World

Great Ridge: Mushroom and grain porrage. This is why Dwarventi grow big and strong... well strong anyways.

Antioch and areas around: Breakfast includes eggs (normally scrambled and with something in them), sausage, and flat bread. Normally people in Antioch are in a rush, so instead of eating sit down, they roll it up as a flatbread sandwitch (burrito) and take it to go. Cheese is also a common sight at breakfast.

Amar: Breakfast is a light affair. There are too many things to be done before the heat of the day. Just a piece of flat bread drenched in oil or some fruit. The big meal is mid day when only madmen or people from Antioch would be outside.

Avon: Fishcakes. Fishcakes and flat bread normally. Milk and cheese round out the meal.

Plains: Dried fruit and Dried beef

Most of SecondLand: Sausage, eggs, and pancakes (thick flatbread).

In the 'white' (i.e. snowy) areas, it is mostly a hot tea and some meat.

Amazonti: Fruit, Fruit, and more Fruit. How do these people get so big eating food like this?

MaskLanders: Breakfast is a sitdown meal for the family, as everyone is home in the morning. Served family style (big bowls) there are eggs (two or three types), sausages, pancakes, flatbread, and sweat breads.

FirstLand: Breakfast, like all meals, are an elaborate affair. Each dish is prepared just so to maximize presentation and subtle elements of texture and flavor. Usually just one or two items are made, but they are works of art by most people's standards.

As you can see, you can tell a great deal about a people and their environment by what they eat and why. Players might not notice these differences consciously, but they do register in the back of their head.

You can also tell where a people came from by what they want for breakfast.

note: Have you ever noticed how odd things are when you have breakfast in a distant area? They don't have your 'normal' foods. Think about how this makes you feel. Now think about how your travelling characters feel.


Served in the bowl-meal style of Imperial eating, Imperial breakfast consists of slices of various fruits, milk, and water. In lower-level economic areas, fruit may be supplanted by maize or wheat porridge.

Eshal: Raw slabs of Groll or any other kind of meat,washed down with Sito,a potent brew fermented from the secreations of the male Groll. A good,solid morning meal with which to start a tedious day of work.

From north to south, west to east:

Heldannic Confederation: last night's left-overs for breakfast, as there is little wasted by these frugal people, and many meals are stewed--coffee is considered the most important food group for breakfast

Killian Empire: eel & eggs--of all varieties--are the most common breakfast, with the former typically raw, and the latter often beaten, cooked into strips, and wrapped around something else

Kingdom of Formour: quite similar to a western-style breakfast with cereal (milk still warm & creamy), chicken or duck eggs, and as often as not, some type of grain-based fried food, such as pancakes or egg-battered toast--Heldannic coffee is becoming popular

Elven Homeland: not much, some fruit or juice typically

Byzant Empire: small spicy pastries, prepared the night before, or small breakfast fish covered in various sauces, are common to northeastern Byzant

Elder Kingdoms: varies widely based on culture--some have large meals, some barely anything at all for breakfast

Northern Protectorate: S.O.S. usually with stale bread, salty pork sausages, and bits of other foods with long shelf lives; this is mixed with foods common to the various soldiers' homelands--especially the Heldannic Confederation & Killian Empire

Orckish Highlands: whatever (or whomever) you strangled last night... that was trying to kill & eat you; Lowland Orcks hope for small game trapped over the previous night; most Orcks don't eat breakfast, which might explain their generally surly attitudes

Ogre Tribes: Plains Ogres have a traditional sunrise meal of a cricket-like insect & its leavings; Forest Ogres don't have nearly enough of that breakfast for a full meal (especially given the typical Ogre's size), and supplement it with raw eggs, nuts, & fruits

Firps: dispite their swampy homeland, Firps love shelfish early in the morning; marsh-dwelling crabs & oysters are preferred, and nearly everyone has a sticky sheet that they leave out at night to catch juicy bugs for breakfast

Gothlands: black coffee & cigarettes


Breakfast on Kerren really depends on where you are and the local ingredients. At its base, there is fruit. Mostly fresh, sometimes dried, often time preserved.

Tofu is the other part that anchors the breakfast. It is fast, easy to make, and prevolent. Hard or soft/ dry or wet, it is quite versitile.

There is some sausage, usually dry sausages, made from GIP and a variety of critters.

Other smoked meats are used for breakfast, but that varies a great deal depending on the local environment.

There are some eggs, but Saurian Eggs are not great eating. They are currently trying to breed a saurian chicken in the western parts of Kerren, but they have yet to have real success.

Grain is not very common, but what there is, is used for noodles later in the day.

Kingdom of Lux



Shredded and spiced fatty fish, cereals and nuts mix, usually wrapped in a sweet pancake(known as swee) with a bowl/glass of milk, complemented by fresh fruits. Eggs are often eaten boiled too for breakfast.

Clan Ironspirit

Well after the establishment of the Ironspirit compound, certain foods have become common, more due to the ability to serve enmasse rather than to flavor or nutrition. Common, less conventional breakfast foods include:

Pan-fried oats: The common cereal grain is fried in a deep-dish pan in a mixture of milk and ground oat flour, tinged with honey. The resulting 'cake' is then crumbled into flakes. Any other common grain can be substituted in a pinch, depending on what the procurers have gotten this month. The resulting flakes are typically served blended with whatever fruit is on hand. Some few are known to pour beer over their fried oats, though this is strongly discouraged.

Porridges and grain-meals are also common at breakfast, while eggs and milks are rare. Rarely, small fried dough balls and sausage crumbles may be served, often jumbled together in a greasy, but tasty, mess.

Jerk rolls: Usually served as a portable 'meal on the run', and occasionally a mid-morning snack to the smiths, a jerk roll is little more than a hollowed out, hard bread roll restuffed with whatever meat jerky is at hand, and a touch of shredded cheese. These are available at all hours, though Adan only knows which ones are fresh and which are stale. Eater beware!

Master's Breakfast: Served only to the Grandmaster and the six Masters of the clan, the Master's meal is a base of the pan-fried oats, upon which a selection of browned red meats and vegetables is laid. A splash of sweet gravy is typically laid on top, and the whole is served in a cast iron dish. This is a ceremonial sort of meal, eaten at the beginning of decision-making enclaves, rather than as a daily dish.


As per the norm for this species, the typical breakfast varies greatly between the usually segregated sexes.

Females tend to have a predisposition towards meats in the morning, with two primary schools of culinary thought, though variations do, of course, exist. Spacefarers, and those who generally hew to their semi-nomadic ways, often choose to eat dried jerkies, preferably, but unfortunately rarely, smoked over hardwood and the poison-gland of the rosath creature, one of the many venomous reptiliods of Regar. While the Kel'Regar are not immune to its poison, despite their general immunity to a wide variety of toxins, they are immune to the byproducts of burning it, and find it lends a certain bite to the meal. Humans are well advised not to eat this.

Of course, eating with the more sedentary city-sisters that live in space stations or human-dominated cities isn't very advisable either, as they often prefer their meat alive and able to fight back, believing it should be the most difficult meal of the day. Accordingly, a wide number of serpents and predatory insects are eaten, with the most prized being the reconstructed Earth viper.

Meanwhile, Kel'Regar males often subsist on a diet of less dangerous creatures, the most common breakfast in a commune being a small square of bark from one of several cultivated species of trees, usually loaded down with a boiled, sugary syrup and a number of grubs, preferably still alive.

All may eat long grasses and barks with breakfast for digestive assistance, much like a cat may occasionally chew on grass, though they gain little nutrition from them.


Synth-paste - Now available in Bran, Bacon, Coffee, and Cigarette flavors.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are interchangeable for the Yib, but some morning meals are more popular than others.

Kai-ya-nonga, Eyes of the Deep The favorite native "Rest-Day" breakfast stew, made up of dozens of eyeballs, of some twenty different varieties of fish, which are gently stewed along with ground pistachio nut, terebinth oil, dried coconut flesh, and the skins of fatty fish, which gives the finished product a rich, gelatinous texture. Eaten during celebrations and feasts, once cooked and laden into hollowed gourd bowls, the thick, milky-white soup is sprinkled with sun-dried, fish shavings and flakes, which serves as the salt component, and greatly enhances the vitamin and nutrient-rich eyeball concoction. Traditionally, Kai-ya-nonga is served surrounded with small side dishes, usually featuring a plate of tiny, fiery-hot banana peppers, pickled sea-onions, mango puree, roasted pistachio nuts and a rudimentary disk of terebinth-seed flatbread.

The breakfasts of the Yib consist mainly of fish, nuts, and mortar-and-pestle pounded, underground starches. Fruits are not as popular as the geography would indicate, as many of Yibogyos fruits are poisonous and quite deadly to most pallets. The edible nuts however are quite plentiful, and often find their way into the local recipes. Cashew, pistachio, peanut, ground-nut, and coconut being the most popular varieties. Of those fruits which can be eaten, mangos, melons and bread-fruit are the most readily cultivated.

Another unique Yib recipe, Ifu bafata, involves the slow, spit-roasting of berry- fattened, guinea-pig-like, forest rats of the interior, known as Ifu. Ifu are a well-liked delicacy, in taste not unlike suckling pig, after being cooked for many hours over leaves and coals, wrapped tightly in palm-frond leaves, to keep the juices of both the rich Ifu meat, and the rodents own digested meal of berries, from oozing out of its slowly, crisping skin.

Gjum, is a thick cooked porridge of smashed, white mountain yams and reduced coconut milk, laden with thick slices of abalone, and floating, whole, hard-boiled sea-bird eggs, symbolizing and mimicking the less common and more extravagant fish-eye soup, and quite commonly served on "Pray-Day" mornings.

Crabs are often pounded into paste, and served as a salty condiment alongside Gjum, constituting a hearty, filling morning meal.

The tribes of Kuluumvash Glacier, the People of the White Sun, refuse to eat any cold-blooded creature, and hence, the ironically plentiful supply of marine fish is taboo to the tribesmen. In fact only two animals are included in these peoples diet, due to their ancient superstitions and myths. These two are the reindeer and owl.

Grains are rare in this terrain, but the tribes manage to grows rudimentary oats, and supplement their diet with a great assortment of wild tubers, fungi, lichens, and berries.

Stuffed Owl Stuffed with various mushrooms, tree-ears and edible lichens, wild onions, winter-turnips, and pine leaves for aroma, the gutted yet whole, carcass of the northern spotted owl is prized as the morning-food of shamans. The stuffed creature is roasted in pine needles overnight, until tender, and just falling apart by dawn. To be offered the soft-textured brains of the roasted owl by a host is a sign of great respect, for the eating of the pine-scented brains is said to impart wisdom on the eater.

Reindeer are often hunted by gangs of youths, usually women, and usually at dawn. When a kill is achieved, the first order of business is the drinking of the warm, coursing blood. A cup is passed around to all who participated in the hunt. The meat of the creature, likewise due to religious beliefs, is not eaten, only the organs, and feet harvested, the organs later dried in the white sun, and turned to jerky. The feet, hooves and all, are used to boil day-long soup-stocks, rich, from the gelatin in the reindeers feet. These are often used as foundations for various gravies and sauces. The blood that is not drank fresh during the hunt, is taken back to the tribe in doe-leather skins, then later mixed with oats, formed into patties and fried as nourishing breakfast cakes.

"Morning-Blood", a common and popular girls birth-name among the ice-hills of the Kuluumvash, derives from this aforementioned, sapphic, dawn-hunt. More so, every girl on her thirteenth birthday, must accompany such a hunt, and drink of the reindeers blood with her kin-sisters.

Turnips and acorns are popular with the Glacier Folk as well, boiled in half fresh, half sea-water, served alongside mead-braised radishes and pickled beets. Berry jams of a dozen varieties will grace every breakfast meal, as will yak butter.

Bathland-bread or toast with butter.

Acqua-On land, prawns and bread rolls, on ships,ship's biscuits, for sea creatures, various fishy things.


Diet among the Starkin generally varies from world to world, and even ship to ship. Notable variations may include:


Synth food dominates the breakfast of the space-borne, due to the need to provide variety from an extremely limited storage capability. Soy isolate protein, several sugars, oil, various flours, and a standard micronutrient profile are blended with flavoring, pressed, and cooked into a reasonable approximation of food. While a vast number of recipes are theoretically possible through the systems, the closer it comes to a 'natural' or 'whole food', the worse the systems tend to be at the approximation. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a spacer to begin the day with a nutritionally complete, high protein, cream filled sponge cake or plate of deep fried Something Posing As Meat. Others may prefer a more gruel like concoction, or even push it as far as pancakes and sausage, while congee and deep fried devils are also common. Water and high-caffeine sodas start the day in general.

When it is affordable, this is buttressed for flavor and variety with dried fruits, particularly the Martian Cherry.


Around Sol, the majority of the old breakfast foods are once again available, although eggs, meats and animal products in general remain a high value commodity. Accordingly, the wealthy often break their fast from the night on a variety of egg dishes, while the middle classes and working poor awake to a variety of oatmeals, grits, porridges, pancakes, and breads. Unlike spacer food, dirt-siders generally eat the real thing, except for the poorest. Breakfast is usually accompanied by a variety of flavored waters.

While the biosphere of Neo-Terra is not yet ready to support full food production, Mars has proven to be the new breadbasket of the solar system. Its vast farms are supplied with enhanced light from orbital reflectors, while gene engineering has produced plants capable of using their own waste oxygen from photosynthesis without first respiring it. The combination of this engineering and the alien soil has subtly altered the flavor profile of many foods, and the rich tartness of certain apple and cherry cultivars are particularly prized at breakfast time. These are often made into jams as well. Mars is also the major remaining bastion of coffee, though it is slowly spreading.


The oldest of the Starkin's extrasolar colonies, Horan colonists traveled to their new world by the first of the superluminal drives. By the inefficiency of the drive and the frequent need drop below light speed to repair it, the journey for the first wave of colonists took almost fifty standard years. During this time, those who would become Horans became masters of synthfoods. No longer culturally bound to imitations of old earth foods, breakfast, and indeed, all meals are a number of artistic shapes and bright colors, bearing weaves of flavor. While evocative of some Earth foods, the flavor weaves are often unique. Breakfast is generally light and fluffy in texture, with hints of various fruit and wine flavors, though some forays into savory saltiness can be included. A thin syrup of maple and honey mixed with an unidentifiable floral flavor is often served with the usually finger-handled foods as a dip, while a beverage almost, but not entirely, unlike tea is served as well. They claim to be 'working on the drink still'.

danutalisa danutalisians eat several dishes for breakfast fruit, meats,sausages, bacon , patties and eggs and pancakes, rolls and toast with coffee tea milk or juice