Many years from now, there will be five great mages, made immortal by their mastery of dark and arcane knowledge. Their very presence will be a threat to the Gods, so they will be turned into Books. Yes, that’s right: a very sadistic god with a sense of irony will turn them into tomes of esoteric lore. On every page of the blue-leather bound codices will be indelibly etched all the paranormal spells, incantations and formulae that ever resided in the wrinkled hemispheres of their twisted minds. These books were supposed to be locked in the god’s library, but a mischevious servant took them and brought them back to humanity, back in time. They came into the possession of the evil wizard Alyclar Ahem Zed, living in his tower at the center of a massive ziggurat-like maze. And there he has been studying them ever since, becoming utterly skilled in the arts of necromancy and conjuration as detailed in those anti-ancient Blue Books.

Until one day, a curious apprentice found the courage to inspect the locked library of his master, discovered the books there, and being so overwhelmed by their corruptive power left silently and secretly taking one of the tomes with him. He hid on his island working spells and creating creatures until that fateful night when he found himself trapped in his attic and sentenced to a hideous death.

Magical Properties:

Contains lots of naughty spells.

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