“My Lord Oweadyen, the enemy awaits our presence on the Plains of Forever Sorrow. Our advanced scouts have seen no possible threat of flanks, what are your orders?”

“The infidels shall quiver at my thunder and feel their complacency at the fall of my sword. Send in the Taurs, make them bleed.”

Slaughter them all and pray to the Weapon that Kills that this day will be bloody. Sing the song of your God and may they get you through today!”

- Legatus Suuhai - Commander of the Minotaur Armies of the Blades - The Demon Wars


The Taurs are a cross breed of demon and sentient races of Hewdamia. Each one being different than the other races, but all having similar characteristics as others of their race. For this the demons have classed them into categories by their usefulness. While mostly considered slaves, there are a few who have broken from those bonds and aspire to higher positions. This breeding between demon and mortal races is always painful and the female usually always dies as the spawn is birthed and begins eating their way through before being released. This death brings life to the taur and a purpose. When they are born they have their demon blood coursing through their veins and intelligence comes within minutes.

While this intelligence is superior to a normal mortal child, it is still in an infancy stage where they learn quickly but know a feral purpose. They most always know who their parentage is and can usually detect them and find them regardless of distance. This bonded feeling dissipates over time but will last usually a year or two.

Breeding between demons and mortals is usually forbidden to the Da’Sregt and a few Ba’craht. The ruling noble Da’Sregt are the only few who can breed with the Olwynn however, the reasoning behind this seclusion is apparent in the half breed that is spawned. The others do not seem to be able to survive or are not a strong enough stock to attempt to breed. Unworthy flesh is not allowed and therefore the Fel’Krethsh are never allowed to breed. However, they have no rules regarding the taking of flesh, as long as they are sure that not offspring will come to fruit. This usually means the woman are killed afterwards, which is a blessing as the survivors are in pain the entire time and die at birthing horribly. Taur can not breed and can not have offspring as they all seem to be devoid of the urges to mate.

Their demon masters view them as nothing more than a tool to be used until it is broken and then to be thrown away and replaced by another. They are viewed with contempt and often as not, simply ignored until needed. A few have rizen above the ranks of simple tool and slave to be placed in a higher position, but these are rare and special cases.

The most important of these is the Atistaur, the half breed of Olwynn and demon. Only the demon rulers can breed with them to produce the half breed offspring. The resulting mating brings forth a very unique demon breed that has been elevated to that of a low noble, and respected even above true blooded demons.

While the birth of these half-demons is not an everyday event, it does happen enmass at times which is why they are able to flood their ranks with fresh bodies. They do not seem to age as mortals do so it is not known whether they can die of an old age.

Demon Classes
Da’Sregt - Nobility

Ba’craht - Middle Caste

Fel’Krethsh - Slave Caste

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A very facinating set of posts.

I am wondering though, how often does this happen? Some of the write ups imply large numbers of these creatures. Sure they are no longer mortal, and are only loss due to injury or mayham, but how many of these occur?

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Over the centuries there have been numerous instances of these things being bred. They have breeding pits in their homeland, which is cut off from mortals by the Demon Gates. But there is also a number of lower intelligent tech races, tribalistic who are led to believe they are some sort of Gods and sacrifice their women to them for whatever reasons.

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I was thinking of a specific culture I am working on that will give them their widowed women or women who have birthed three children. Widowed women are usually not desired and any women giving their husbands three children are seen as used. They give them to their 'Gods' and they use them for their birthing of the half breeds.

Also raids happen often near the Gates and woman are either taken or raped on the spot. Also the nobles who do not look so demonish have been known to woo women into their bed. A surprise for them when they find they are with child.