Race : Ebertaur
Appearance : They have the appearance of a male Derevo with the neck and head of that of a large wild boar.
Height : 6’
Weight : 250 lbs

Description :
The Ebertaur are seen as an insanity among the Derevo races. They are the demon half breed of their race and a dark spot on their mentality. They have the appearance of a male Derevo with the neck and head of that of a large wild boar. Dark greasy hair matt their face and shoulders with yellow rotted tusks protruding from their mouth. Their small red eyes show little intelligence and the smell that exudes from them is sickening, smelling like rotting food and mold.

Distinguishing Traits :
The Ebertaur are another of the shock troops of the demon armies. The main difference between them and the other troops is they have an affinity for certain environments the others do not. The demon worlds are rumored to be lifeless husks of ash left behind the demon armies in the wake of their conquest to destroy and conquer all. The Ebertaur have gained some incite into the realm of Hewdamia and its wonders due to the Derevo blood that trickles in their veins. They are great trackers and have an unnerving comfort while in the wilderness. They are the few demon races who prefer ranged weapons to close quarters weapons, seeing mobility as a key feature in staying alive to fight another day.

It is partially because of this bond that they have that their masters do not trust them without escort. Where they go, a true demon follows. The type of demon varies depending on the orders issued, but it is usually one that is strong enough to dispatch them quickly should any question arise about their allegiance.

Personality :
They are probably the most stable minded of the Fel’Krethsh. If not for their frail stature they probably would have made it to a higher station, but due to this fact they have been placed in the slave caste and are seen as nothing more than property. They do have a clan based mentality among their own breed however and keep a rigorous chain of command among themselves. While they view their masters as being nearly Godlike however they have a contempt toward them due to being treated like nothing more than a tool and forgotten when not needed.

Relations :
Where most demons fight for power and position, the Ebertaur do not. Possibly because of their half blood, they see their station as a way of existance that should not be questioned. their God King placed them here and here they will stay.

Part of this philosophy has etched its way into their minds for so long that they feel they are here only as a layover to another and better place. Their God King is testing them and for that they take what they have at face value. The others of their kind they see with the same light as they see themselves. Perhaps all of this is just the next step in their placement among the ranks, and if so then they must be religious in their station and duty to their masters. The next step is only one away from the duty of master itself.

Religion :
The Ebertaur worship their God King ferverently. They view him as the reason for all exsistance. Their battle chants are al lto him and his glory, and the glory of their masters of course, but the focus is on their God King.

They are not allowed into the prayer pits as the true demons are so they have created their own form of worship in their clutches. While not as frenzied as their battle chants, their prayers to their God King is non-the-less loud and electric. Dancing is a rarity among the demons, however the Ziegtaur have taken this to an extreme that is no doubt due to their Derevo blood. They dance and cry out to their God King nightly with no sacrifices other than their desire to appease. This is one of the few beautiful things that will ever be witnessed when dealing with demons of any kind.

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