Race : Hundtaur
Appearance : The body of a male Lemiean, the head of a jackal.
Height : 7’ tall
Weight : 250 lbs

Description :
Standing 7’ tall, they are lean and spry. They have the dark skin and male body of their mortal blood, the Lemieans. Their head and neck are that of a jackal, black as their skin, with smooth silken fur. Their eyes gleam in the darkness that they so love. They are masters of stealth among their kind and intelligent beyond most Fel’Krethsh.

Distinguishing Traits :
The Hundtaur are silent and quiet, assassins among the chaotic demons. They can not speak, or simply choose not to, but no demon has heard the voice of a single Hundtaur. Even in death or torture, no a cry escapes their maw. Because of their speed and agility they are used as advance scouts to great efficiency. Because of this they use a form of sign language that their masters have picked up on. While limited it is useful for battle and enemy troop movements. They have no problems understanding commands, but responding has never been an option. Or at least an option their willing to use.

The are silent hunters and renowned scouts, being the greatest tool a demon army uses yet at the same time the greatest threat. They are deathly patient and willing to sit for days to gather the smallest choice of information regarding their enemy. A few have been placed in higher positions and used as assassins in the demon ranks for their ability to strike unknown and disappear just as fast.

They are good at masking their thoughts, even from their masters. This has caused many instances of rage and punishment but has continued to go on throughout the centuries of their existence. It has been determined that it is a natural talent and one that they are unaware they are doing. They watch death and murder with a silent steel gaze.

Personality :
They prefer to be alone, especially on the battle field. Occasionally a small group will begin to work together during battles and form a working bond, but otherwise they are loners and choose to be as such. They revel in the hunt, stalking their prey feeling the fear soak into them as mist from a fall. They enjoy the challenge of the hunt and stalking their prize, whether it is information or blood. Both are the same and they go to both with a steel determination that few can waiver.

Relations :
The are isolationalist by nature, liking the company of few other Hundtaur, much less another demon. They follow orders with accuracy and ease, knowing to fail is normally to die. They know their place and the place of others. The strive for nothing beyond the thrill of the silence.

Religion :
They silently pray to the God King, showing deference and respect. If they pray to another God, no one but them would know of it. They have no real emotion toward the God King, which makes them more of a worry for their masters as they are not sure where their religion lies. Being one of the half breeds always brings upo questions of loyalty among the chaotic demons, yet when one does not talk it poses a problem.

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