Race : Atistaur
Appearance : They have the lower body of a female Olwynn, with the upper torso of an eagle. Wings have replaced the use of arms and hands.
Height : 4' tall
Weight : 160 lbs

Description :
The Atistaur are the most respected form of the half breeds. They are bred with the mentally psionic Olwynn. They have the appearance of a female Olwynn from their lower abdomen with their upper body being that of a rather regal looking eagle. Their hands and arms have been replaced with the feathers and wings of an eagle giving them flight capability. Even though they are a have breed, they have an intelligence far beyond even some of the lower caste demons that they are above.

They are different then the other half breeds and demons alike, they groom themselves. They pride in being clean and elegant, which is from their Olwynn blood that courses through their veins. This has caused many demons to grumble about it not being right, but when they remember where the Atistaur have been placed in the pecking order, they quickly silence their dissent lest they be overheard and thrown to the sacrifice pits.

Distinguishing Traits :
Other than being able to fly, the biggest trait that they received from their Olwynn parentage is their mental capacity. They are far more intelligent than a majority of the Fel'Krethsh and even most of the Ba'craht. They also received their greatest gift of all, their most prized ability, the power over psionics. With the coupling with the female Olwynn the trait natural to their race transferred in their blood. Because of this rare ability among the demon kind and their intelligence, they are the only half breed to be elevated to that of the Da'Sregt, the nobles. Because of this, the nobles are the only demons allowed to mate and couple with the Olwynn, to better the breed.

Personality :
Due to their special treatment, the Atistaur have an arrogance about them that defines the usual demon. They see themselves as being superior to any of the lesser demons, and a few of the other Da'Sregt as well. And why shouldn't they? They have the control over the mind, something only a handful of the nobles carry, and even then it seems more of a random ability than breeding. Their contempt for everything but what they see as being important as got them into a few problems with the ruling demon nobles, but even then they are dealt with lightly as they are a rare breed and they are important to any armies command.

They are used as commanding advisors on the fields of battle to generals and lords alike. Their ability to weed out weaknesses and use a number of abilities that can shock to decimate ranks of the enemy is priceless to have. One irritant that the commanders find infuriating is they will not target one of their own with their powers. No Atistaur has been known to harm directly or indirectly one of their own half breed kin. While noble as it may seem, countless generals have wished they could remove an enemies Atistaur to aid in their own campaign, but they will not have it. The use of the Hundtaur comes in rather handy in a situation such as this. Considering they can mask their thoughts, a perfect assassin for one such as these.

Relations :
The Atistaur are very social among themselves, the will often be found sitting in tight groups grooming each other in a communal form of gathering. They will usually gather together once a day regardless of the days events. This bonding is partial to their mental state and is often thought of as a singular mind when they are in this communal gathering. Thought more so by the fact that then have never been overheard speaking to each other, only stare.

Religion :
They do not seem to be very religious of the God King, or any other God for that matter. They view themselves as a hive minded mentality and while they do not worship, they do have a reverence for such a state of mind. Possibly thinking they are superior to other demons and can elevate themselves to a higher position is highly likely. Much is the way of the demon kind, thoughts of them thinking they are even superior than the God King is always whispered as well. If this is true, a devastating day it would be should the entire group of Atistaur unit against the other demons and snatch away power and control. As rare as they are, it is possible and well thought about.

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