Race : Harrotaur
Appearance : They have the body of a large asp, and the torso and head of a female. Her hair is covered in wavy locks that look like snakes.
Height : 6’ tall, 13’ from tail to head.
Weight : 325 lbs

Description :
The Harrotaur are a very feared breed of demon. They take the worst aspects of the chaotic race and cross it with a very unknown mortal race to get a fearful site to see on any battlefield. The body of a Harrotaur is that of a large asp, thick and smooth, its scales glint off torch light with an almost mesmerizing quality. Their upper body is that of a very attractive female, human in nature; which is odd considering they are bred from the lizard race, the Sslassti. Their skin has a dark hue to it, with green and black being a combined dominant shade. Their hair is tantalizing and moves about on its own accord, with sharp and sinewy movements similar to that of mesmerized snakes.

Despite all of that, nothing can take away from the beauty of their eyes. The crystal green eyes shine even in the dark. It lights the way to warmth and comfort, offering up love and emotion far beyond what any mortal could ever achieve. It pulls in those viewing her into her warm arms and removes their fears and worries. Her eyes speak a thousand languages, they tell an infinite stories and tales. They seduce with a mere glance, they comfort with a passing look. It is this very thing that makes her so dangerous.

Distinguishing Traits :
The eyes of the Harrotaur are hypnotic to look on. With the glint of light always shining from their scaly body, and her hair always twisting and twirling, it relaxes those viewing her within moments. It is then she strikes with her fangs and talons, injecting a nearly instant death on her victims. Those looking at her stand ridged and still, almost as if turned to stone. Unable to move, they are a child to any predator in her hands. She is vicious and uncaring. Her motives are to kill and feed.

When she is looked on by any mortal, her aura about her takes over and begins its work. The Harrotaur has no control of her ability over mortals to woo them. It is a double bladed sword however as by comforting them it sets them up for their own death. Only the strongest of Wills has the ability to ward off the charms of the demon snake, and even then they can only do it for so long as they can not withstand her machinations for long. Once fallen under the hypnotic enchantment of the Harrotaur, they are weak to her whim. Only when she attacks with her fangs to inject her poisons do the mortal realize they are nothing but a victim to the demon spawn.

The poison is near fatal within minutes and kills the hearts ability to pump the mortals’ lifes blood. They die in an agonizing throe of pain not only from the poison the courses through their veins, but by this time the Harrotaur usually begins to feast on their meal before it begins to cool in death.

Personality :
Harrotaur are very arrogant among their breeding. Like their fellow half breeds the Minotaurs, and the Atistaur, the Harrotaur have been elevated to a position above the other half breeds. They are also placed above some of the minor Ba’craht as they have desired abilities on the battlefield. This arrogance has led to many of them being sacrificed to their God King, but the majority is placed where they want to be, for now.

Together, they fight constantly for position and authority over each other. Just like the true blooded demons of their parentage, they fight hard to gain a position of power. Blood letting never stops, even when war is not present, they constantly seek a way to dethrone their fellow Harrotaur for recognition.

Relations :
They have few, if any dealings with the other demon races other than their own. Because of their promotion of Ba’craht they were given a position of command over infantry units in times of war. This command of Tribunus is powerful for a half breed in that they can order other demons around during times of battle, but few other times. To do so would be crossing a line of strength, which they have few enough forces of their own breed to battle the entire demon nobility.

Religion :
They are religious but not in the manner most of the other demons are. While they do worship their God King, and do so reverently, they also silently worship another god. A Goddess of Hewdamia to be exact. If the Da'€™Sregt found this little bit of information they would no doubt slaughter them all and forbid breeding with the mortal Sslassti. They silently worship Sceleris, the trickster and Goddess of vengeance. They pray to her for their abilities and cry her name in seclusion lest they be found out. Unlike the other half breeds, they are allowed to the prayer pits to feast on the weak and culled. This they enjoy with much fervor.

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