Race : Minotaur
Caste : Ba’craht
Appearance : They have the appearance of a human male with the neck and head of a bull.
Height : 8’™
Weight : 350 lbs

The Minotaur is of the Ba’craht class of the demons. Being of the middle class gives them quite a few benefits over the other lesser Taur. They have been elevated to a higher station due to their intelligence being far superior to the slave class.

Description :
They have the appearance of a human male with the neck and head of a bull. A set of horns sit atop their head and curve inward toward their snout. Their small yellow eyes speak of pain and intelligence far beyond what a typical animal would have. They usually cover themselves in tattoos and piercing, but will never pierce their nose. These tattoos and piercing are meaningful to the Minotaur station among themselves only. They tell the tale of each Minotaur path on the field of battle, and of their station in the demon ranks. They have little hair below their head and cloven hooves in place of normal legs and feet.

Distinguishing Traits :
They have been elevated to a command role in the demon armies, usually a captain or lieutenant, a few have raised to that of a general. They usually have a distinguished noticed about them that are not normal even for the intelligent Minotaur. While they have a tougher skin than most creatures, they still wear basic armor in battle. They prefer the use of chains and scale type armors and are opposed to plate or leather as plate is too restrictive, and leather reminds them to much of their own hide. They prefer bladed weapons overall and have been known to like bladed pole arms.

Personality :
They are extremely vengeful and always in a rage that only their masters can quell. They have a bloodlust similar to a rabid wolf and will stop at nothing to feed on flesh of others. While not having a pack mentality, they will jump at the smell of blood and battle. Their skin prickles and the hair on their neck rises with anticipation.

They have personal gratification on blood-letting and are addicted to the euphoria and thrill of killing. When killing a seasoned or knowledged opponent they take great pains to follow a strict code. When fighting a commander or known warrior of the opposing army, they will salute them giving them honors and warrior respect. When they venquish them, they will gut them and eat their heart. They say this lets the soul rest so they will not be haunted later by the ghost of their kills.

Relations :
Among their own ranks they have a pecking order of sorts. While they are in full obedience of their masters, they take great pains to see that others of their kind know their own station. The oldest and strongest has full authority over the others of their kind. This has been in place since the beginning of their birth. The next in line for authority are the ones placed into command positions by their masters. Which is at first difficult to understand why the leaders would be placed second in command, but among the demon-kind the strongest and wisest always rule.

When not in battle, they will constantly find ways to improve their skills and honor among their own kind. They care little what their masters view them as, since they are no more than fodder to them. They gather together in times of non-warring, as their is no peace in their world, and commit to weaponless combat to gain in skill and stature among their own ranks. There are seldom any deaths and the winners are seen in a respected light.

They view their commanders with mixed thoughts. They see them as brethren and skilled, but also hold contempt for them as they were placed their by their masters and not by their own design.

Religion :
They are not a religious breed and the prayers to their Demon God King never pass their lips, even in battle. They do pray to their weapons however, seeing them as an extension of reality that can change fate like the roll of the dice. They will create prayers and songs about their weapons that they sing in battle striking fear in the hearts and souls of their enemies. Each song is about a battle they survived and their Weapon God saw them through it.

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