Most of the people who want 'odd spell components' really don't know anything about magic. Components are used as tools, symbols to help focus the concentration and associations for the spell caster. Rarely is anything 'consumed' in the casting, unless it is a sacrifice or burned.

Spells are normally processes, what people call rituals. (Some of these spells are 'stored' in items for future use). Spells that are not performed as rituals are the same spells as the rituals, just done at minuses for not having all the symbolic tools, taking less time, and and so on.

On to the goodies. In western mystical traditions, the following items are used.

Athame: Magically attuned knife, usually blunt... but not always. Once blooded can not be used for 'good' magical purposes. Used for fire or the initiation of magic.

Incense burner: with a variety of inscents.

Challice: Any cup with stem will do.

Small Mirror: Usually etched with a multipoint star (though five is the common). Often used for Earth items.

Wand: carved with air runes. Other wands need to be created for other ritual purposes.

Candles: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White... but other elemental association colors are good.

Chalk and String (used to create magic circles). The strings are usually marked to certain lengths to create multiple point stars inscribed in circles. Each string will have the measurements for the various mystic patterns to be inscribed.

Corn Meal: Used like the chalk. Some people use road dust or odd colored dust for the same purposes.

(Personally, I use wax. It never blows away and is hard to smudge. It comes up easily with either a little heat or a simple scraper. If you are going to use cornmeal or dust, invest in a spritzer bottle and spritz the substance in h20. It makes it stick together and on to the floor (until it dries out)).

*Ritual Carpet Solomontic Rug: It is a good sized plain carpet with an appropriate mystic symbol (or at minimum a circle with a 4 point cross) traced upon it. The actual symbol is drawn upon the carpet each time (often tracing over the circle). The Carpet can be brought outside to make outdoor rituals easier, safer (usually less flamable than dry meadow grass or pine needles), and less painful (avoid rocks, sharp pinecones, etc). The carpet has grommets in the four corners so it can be staked down, as not to blow away. (Kudoes to a friend who reminded me of this thing).

Staff: Used for spirit of many larger rituals to define boundries.

Silk Ribbons (red usually): Again for symbolic binding, holding, or can be used to create symbolic centers.

Crystal and more crystals. Usable in so many ways, even if you are not 'new age' in orrientation.

Flute: Used for air or for summoning.

Fan: Used to move inscent smoke.

Paper Models: Origami or folded paper symbols of items.

A set of 23 bells, each with a different tone in the scale.

An actual magic sword, which is more like a short trident than sword with a variety of mystic symbols and names inscribed on it. Trident of Paracelsus

A few dozen marbles or cystals: (You never know what you need to store in one).

Tarot Cards (or any number of symbolic tablets): Spells and rituals can be 'stored' in the orders of the card. The cards can be used for their symbolic value for substitution in a spell.

Cages for any small animals needed to be sacrificed.

A number of small latchable boxes that are used to contain various earths, herbs, or spell components (including hair samples, virgin blood, etc). These are often carried in a small trunk. A Chinese Apothocary Trunk is good for this. A make up case can be substituted.

Broom, Bucket, and Water: Well cleaning up a ritual or even a spell is a pain. That is one of the real reasons for apprentices and long apprenticeships.

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