Solomontic Rug, or Archmage Tapestry, or Cloth of The Magi, or ...

It goes by many different names. It is however one of the well used tools for superior magic users.

Full Item Description
The rug, which is more of a blanket in most cases, is a square approximately 2.5 meters (7-10 feet) on the side. The rug is normally thin, soft, and treated to be slightly water proof and fire resistant (wax or oils normally).

The cloth has a number of marks, glyphs, and mystic symbols, painted upon the cloth. (Though some clothes have the symbols woven in).

The outer edge of the Solomontic Rug normally have a number of symbols running along the edge. Some show positions to be lined up (such as North/ South/ East/ West, or the right star) or stood upon, others are there for decoration or really obscure magical operations (The glyph for 'put sacrificial entrails in bowl here' for example).

There is always a circle centered upon the cloth, large enough for someone to lay down inside. The circle has small 'knocks' along its circumference, some with tiny glyphs explaining their purpose. Most of these knocks mark positions on the circle allowing the user to draw appropriate mystic symbols with chalk or sand easily. Traidtionally, the knocks are positioned for the elemental triangles, 4 point RoseCross/ 4 corners, a pentegram, a mystic six point (6), 6 for the Oshabran positions, for seven and nine point mystic stars, tetragrams (8 point locations), and 12 for Zodiological divisions. A rug will have a minimum of 37 knocks.

There will be other dots and glyphs between the circle and the edges, so other mystical ceremonial areas can be created quickly and efficiently.

The Rug is used by mages who can utilize appropriate rituals but do not have a single dedicated space they can use for their magics. It is suitable for magicers on the go or those with landlords (where you can't carve or paint a space on the floor). The Rug can make outdoor rituals easier, safer (usually less flammable than dry meadow grass or pine needles), and less painful (avoid rocks, sharp pinecones, etc). The rug has grommets in the four corners so it can be staked down. It will not blow away or shift around. It can even be used as a mandala, if hooked to a wall like a tapestry (via grommets). There is no one use for a Solomontic Rug.

This tool was invented long ago, utilizing drawings and symbols in the Book of Solomon. It's use is a matter of personal preference; some find it gauche, other find it indispensable.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None: It is a tool.

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