Full Item Description
In gross shape, it appears as a stubby fork with three tines. It is made out of soft steel or even iron.

The tines are two inches wide (5cm), six to eight inches (15-20cms) long with the uppermost and lowermost points being the same distances apart.

These tines are attached to a shaft that ranges from twelve to twenty inches (30-50cms) depending on the needs of the users. A wooden or other insulating handle is riveted tight to this.

On the upper prong is engraved OBITO (Obedience, listening, attention and so on). This inscriptions describes the passive realm of man's activity on the physical plane. More exactly, in all three worlds in the time of full incarnation in all of them. The back of the upper prong has a mark akin to the sign for cancer, bring more passive principles of the passive upper prong.

On the lower prong is engrave IMMO (strength, resistance, vigour). Behind that is a mark akin to the sign of Leo, directing more active solar power to the prong.

On the middle prong is a more complicated forumla APDOSEL which should be unfoled as follows AP DO SEL (signifiying the positively polarized astreal, the astrosome in its male manifestation) Behind the engraving is a serpant symbol, assigned to jupiter. It defines the astreal tourbillons by which the authority of man passes into the astreal.

The three prongs dicate the following sentence: 'The threefold activity of Man (mens-anima-corpus) must balance the binaries of obedience and resistance, of passivity and activity. He must oscillate between both conditions. ' This ternary defines the sphere of the Man's activities in all the worlds.

The engraving on the shaft is 'PPP VLI DOX FATO' which when boiled down means 'The Right of Man to create on three planes and of the existance of the symbol.

This is a piece of Hermetic tradition. The instructions for its creations have come down to us from Paracelsus. His works shows that he thinks of this item as a common working tool, used by every occult cultist of repute at this time. He detailed what he knew to be the correct way to make and concecrate/ enchant the weapon. The tone of the work is that of a 'oh by the way, you might want to do this' rather than many ancient master's thunderous proclomations of the Way of Enlightenment.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The weapon is used to dominate and if needed to dispell/ disperse harmful concetrations of invisible forces. Stabbing motions either into 'the space' of the astreal thing or as part of a dispersing spell, will ensure the disruption of most astreal things.

Since negative emotions and illnesses have astral components, this can have a clensing effect when used around people.

The weapon is also used to 'cut' ceremonial spaces, to break spells, and in astral combat (where an analog of this device will follow its wielder when they project).

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