Full Item Description
Sizzler is a round frying pan, made of one of Ironspirit's earliest alloys. It has a simple metal handle joined apparently seamlessly to the cooking portion of the pan, but is more or less undecorated.

One day, the younger son of Baron von Vin got it into his mind that he wished to be an adventurer. And sneaking out of the manor house one day, he was confronted by the scullery maid, a slightly-older-than-him woman of no particular beauty, but whom had a certain secretive interest in him. And trying to escape her, the younger von Vin muttered something about going to the smithy, which, indeed, was the truth. He'd meant to go to the Enclave of Ironspirit, there to request weapons appropriate for the second son of a rich Baron to begin his adventuring quest with. With a bright smile, the maid informed him that the cook required a new pan, and she would be most certainly accompanying him.

It was with a heavy heart, then, that he set out, worried about this ball and chain which had attached itself to his ankle. Needless to say, by the time they reached the edge of the city, the jig was, as they say, up, but the maid had no pan with which to subdue von Vin and take him home. Their adventures in crossing overland are probably best left to the imagination, but in time, leaner, harder, though probably not very much wiser for the wear, the both of them reached the Ironspirit Enclave.

And while von Vin threw his heart into his eloquent speeches and requests, at the end, Nial turned to her, and asked, 'And of you, fair maiden? What is your request of the Forge?'

She drew her self up, then, and spake she thusly, 'My name, Forge-Lord, is Mariem, and I have come for a cook's pan. I shall have it.'

'So you shall, Mariem.' It was with a laugh that Nial called forth the youngest of his grandchildren, and set the boy to work on the needs of von Vin, and turned to Mariem. 'You, I shall attend to myself.'

A dizzying number of choices later, and a short wait, and he presented it to her, a mirror-bright dish of iron, a touch lighter in heft than she had expected. Speechless, she accepted the cookware, named Sizzer by its maker, and paid the fee she'd not expected to be so low, before hunting down her fellow 'adventurer.'

Paitently, she waited, as von Vin was fitted and charged with a dozen tasks based around using his nobility for the benefit of Ironspirit in pre-payment for his armor, before he was finally released to her... and with one mighty swing of Sizzler, she knocked him out, and he stayed that way the whole way home. It was only later that she noticed the indentation she'd created in her pan.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Sizzler is mostly just a really well made pan. It's hard to burn things in it. And it's good for knocking out wayward romantic interests. But it's not really magical.

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