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While the Shadows of Mercy vary in their appearance and geometry, all are small, slim-bladed knives, polished to a razor's edge, bearing a black onyx mounted somewhere in the furniture of the weapon. Peculiarly, the blade itself casts no shadow, and is almost weightless in the hand.

Kronath, She Who Brings Tranquility, comes in many forms, in many ways, but in the end, She comes to all people, bringing them the ultimate gift of death. So too, do Her priests move among the mortals, to ease the transition from the mortal coil to eternity within the realm of Shadows.

In their rounds, the Priests of Death are known to bear with them certain tools, and though most are ritual, one is known to bring peace to those who suffer. This is the Shadow of Mercy.

Created by ritual within the hidden depths of Her temples, the Shadows of Mercy are forged of the shadow of an icon of Kronath herself, and blessed in the blood of those who expired pure of body. Barely long enough to reach the heart between the ribs, the Shadow of Mercy is quite able to do its job of bringing death to those who require rest.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The Shadow of Mercy should only be used to kill those who are in pain or mental torment, and only when wielded with a clear mind and cold blood. For these people, the kiss of the blade is painless, no matter how it is applied, and death itself is mercifully short and easy, as the dagger effectively summons the attention of the Goddess Who Attends To The End. In any case, it is She who makes the decision to take the life, or to leave it.

Those who wield the Shadow, however, are sworn to never use it in rage or panic, even in defense of the self. Should the Goddess choose not to end the life of the one that the dagger is used against, because he is not suffering or because he has not given up hope, no injury will be caused by her shadow. Instead, many times the pain may be inflicted upon the one who wields the Shadow against the principles of the Goddess of Mercy. While she is less likely to inflict this upon those who make a true mistake, those who wield the weapon as a tool of destruction are likely to suffer very badly indeed.

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