The Greater Comet Academy was a magical academy of some repute for several centuries ago. Centered in Bynor's western counties, it drew the talented and nobles from far and wide. While general magics were taught, the school specialized in the magics of warfare. This is more than the flashy blasts, cones, and bolts, it includes fog spells, illusions, communication, and scrying spells. In addition to the actual spell casting, it also taught mundane classes on the best way to utilize magics in a military campaign, general strategy and tactics, and command skills. Generations of True Battle Mages, battle capable wizards and mages, and military leaders passed through the battlements and keep that was the school.

However, all good things must come to an end. The School's leaders allied themselves with a noble faction in Bynor. They 'sided', thus becoming directly involved with the Way of Thrones. This violated time honored laws and traditions, as well as violated the guild charter for the wonder works in the Central Kingdoms. Things needed to be done. The entire guild drew members from every Battle College and school of magic that could be reached. It was a near army of Mages, supported by an actual army of Grogs (Bodyguards for the Mages).

The School was violently disbanded by the guild force, which included more guild loyal and neutral Comet Seniors and Students. There was only a smoking ruin left after the four day siege.

While the school is gone, its traditions and spells have been preserved by surviving staff and students. There are now minor academies of The Comet.

Since the school had such a powerful reputation, many descendents of the school have taken to calling themselves Comet guilds and circles. They make a living as mercenary and loyalist forces.

For reasons of Comet tradition, a mage mercenary company is called a Guild, while unit (3-7 Principals, 1-3 Juniors per principal, and grogs) is called a Circle.

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