This school of magic is composed of a set of mental and spiritual, even physical techniques, strenghtening your spirit and its bond to present and past, and as some hope to the future as well.

Making use of the advanced techniques, the adept can remember anything that ever happened around him, in detail and colour. Every word spoken, every event that happened around can be re-lived and analyzed. (Analytical skills are taught as well.) True mastery is shown in the amount of detail one percieves, some natural talents could recollect even what happened when they were asleep, or unconscious - to most is this knowledge very dim. A side effect of this is a certain resistance to magics that influence the psyche, as more common methods of pressure.

Students of this Art often take courses in most diverse lores and skills, which they can remember whenever (if ever) they are necessary - provided they have the time. Naturally, they become excellent witnesses and often end as advisors (or spies) for the truly powerful.

Those who want to master this school need a strong will and the ability to put aside depressive thoughts (as all your failures become visible to you...). Not to be forgotten is the fact that maintaining relationships becomes extremely diffilcut for people that don't forget. The school therefore resembles very closely a monastic order, further improving the 'useful servant' image.

Adepts, ever striving for more knowledge, still have a healthy respect for inborn gifts and talents, as to a life-long devotion to an art. While they have deep understanding of many lores and crafts and arts, they become true masters of few. For instance, many study strategy, but if called upon in times of need, few make truly good generals.


Final note: the school by purpose denies that its abilities have anything to do with magic. For sure, because their techniques are internal, they cannot be detected as magical. This makes them an interesting option for lords vary of magic-users, and also makes them seem harmless as opposed to the wielders of magic.

The school itself grew of a small splinter group. Loosing their faith in Debeth, they embraced the roles of servants and advisors - positions not without power and wealth.

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