Full Item Description
The basic design is that of an Imperial Sword, a sword a bit thinner and shorter than an European broadsword. The handle is dark stained pear wood. The guard is both functional and decorative (in a dragon motif). The blade has a blackened temper and is sharp on both sides. Along the blade is 100 ancient characters for longevity. These are normally hand carved and inlayed with a tiny amount of brass.

The weapon is normally kept with one, to enhance ones chi and life. It is scabarded in a decorative pear wood scabbard.

(Weight 3 lbs (1.5 kgs) and is 35' long (30' blade, 75 cms)

The origins of this weapon has been lost to history.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The use of the sword is supposed to bring a long life, health, and to some degree 'good luck' to reach such things. It is not enchanted in any way.

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