In a fantasy world, everyone uses candles. Whether for lighting, magical rituals, or even decoration, they're everywhere. Surely, there can be few better ways to make something powerful look mundane. Even better, candles can be clearly defined as on or off, and so have no need to be programmed with command words or switches. Everyone knows how to light a candle.

A magical candle could be helpful for anyone, and could prove relatively simple to manufacture, compared to other sorts of magic.

A random generator can be found here.

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1. Candle of Sanctuary - When lit, this candle prevents anything with hostile intent towards the lighter from entering an area about the candle. Unfortunately, it can neither be extinguished nor moved once set alight, so it will prove useful only once, and only for a limited time. Variants of this candle could restrict various types of creatures from entering, rather than simply hostile ones.

2. Candle of Chill - The flame of this candle creates light as normal, but emits no heat.

3. The Thief's Candle - If allowed to sit on a table or other object, this functions as a normal candle. If someone holds it, however, then only they can see the light emitted by the candle.

4. Candle of Horror - This candle's magic functions only when it is the sole light source in an area. When this occurs, nightmarish creatures emerge from the shadows to attack those within the glow of the candle. If another light source is lit, the creatures vanish. This could be the perfect murder.

5. Candle of Warmth - The opposite of the Candle of Chill, this candle emits far more heat than its small flame suggests, making it useful for melting things or simply for keeping warm.

6. Sage's Candle - The flame from this candle will never spread. Even if toppled over into a pile of dry grass, the flame will not set the grass alight. Not so useful for adventurers, but very useful for those who fear falling asleep while studying.

7. Candle of Influence - If a person sleeps within the light of this candle, then anything said around him will seep into his mind, possibly altering his opinions when he awakes.

8. Candle of Reason - Should someone sleep within the light of this candle, they will have a greater understanding of any problems they were pondering as they fell asleep.

9. Candle of Soothing - Any angered or excited creature within the light of this candle will be soothed and approachable so long as they remain close to the flame.

10. Candle of Hope - Any despairing or frightened creature within the light of this candle will be reinspired with the will to survive/succeed.

11. Candle of Sanity - Any insane creature within the light of this candle will be rendered sane so long as they remain close to the flame.

12. Candle of Shared Burdens - All creatures within the light of the candle will take on an equal share of any fear, despair, or insanity possessed by any creature near the flame. A less-powerful variant of the Candles of Sanity and Hope.

13. The Necromancer's Candle - Any corpse which this candle sheds light upon will rise as a zombie under the command of whoever lit the candle.

14. The Mixed Candle - Has the effect of one magic candle ffor half its lifespan, and the effect of another for the other half. Imagine a Candle of Horror/Necromancer's Candle.

15. The Additive Candle - This candle will take on the properties of the closest magical candle which is shedding light upon it.

16. Candle of Binding - If used in multiples, these candles will form a line which no summoned creature can cross.

17. Candle of Mayhem - This candle will drive everyone whom it shed light upon to go into a murderous rage, attacking anyone nearby.

18. The Hypnotic Candle - Anyone who looks upon this candle while it is lit will be unable to take his eyes off of it.

19. The Fool's Candle - This candle causes all in its radius to percieve the area outside of its radius as darker than it truly is.

20.Arsonist's Candle-A few minites after being lit, this candle fires a miniture fireball which is strong enough to set curtains in fire.

21.Cupid's Candle-This candle casts a mild love spell on people of the opposite sex to the lovemaker, but it only works when they are within six feet of the candle and when it is lit. Attemps to be too pushy will break the spell.

22. Candle of Interrogation. - Anyone seeing this candle and being asked questions will see and feel their most feared artefact/monster and be desperate to spill the beans. The closer the candle the stronger the fear and feeling to tell all.

23. Toxic Candle. - Unlit its non toxic, but once lit and the wax melts the toxins encased within the wax are released. Numerous toxins can be released in this way . Toxins that give off poisonous gas to narcotics. Some are not released into the air but remain poisonous to the touch (percutaneous absorption). This is left lying around as drips of the melted wax. Letters sealed with a wax seal(made from said candle) have been known to kill the opener or fill with them with such euphoria they agree etc to the contents of the letter.

24. Candle of Life - Unlike normal fires, this candle produces oxygen as it burns, and in volumes that belie its size. It can support 6 humans at rest as it burns.

25. Candle of Rest Denied - This candle interferes with the normal sleep processes, preventing the victim from falling asleep from non-magical causes, and will even provide some resistance to magically induced sleep. Being present while it burns for even a minute will be enough for the effect to take.

26. Candle of Precarious Sleepwalking - This candle interferes with the normal paralysis which stops people from injuring themselves during dreams, and also decreases the likelihood of waking. Under the effects of this substance, the victim will attempt to physically enact aspects of their dreams - attacking people, attempting to fly, running around, etc

Details supporting 25 and 26 can be found under Poison of Rest Forgone And Other Toxins

27. Candle of Illumination - This candle emits vastly greater illumination then standard candles, the actual amount depending upon the quality of the candle. The upper end produces illumination equivilent to daylight. However, these candles function only once - if snuffed, they become mudane candles.

28. Candle of Entrophy - All things bathed in the candle's light are subject to the negative effects of aging. One loses vitality without gaining in wisdom. Metal rusts, wood decays, stone crumbles. The rate of degradation depends on the quality of the candle - the most powerful of which are dangerous indeed.

29. Blacklight Candle - Candle emits ultraviolet light in a fairly high intensity. Those capable of seeing UV can see quite well under this light, while floresence materials will visibly glow. It emits no visible light apart from a very small blue flame.

30. Candle of Elemental Fire This candle burns with a small quantity of Elemental fire. It will not extingish until all wax is consumed, and uses no air to do so. It serves as a source of elemental fire for casting fire-related spells and will greatly improve the success rate of fire-related rituals and spells.

31-Candle of Sleep

This candle when lit emits a potent vapour that makes those within range of it's light intensly sleepy. The largest of these can put people to sleep within thirty seconds, and those affected will remain asleep until the candle goes out.

32-Candle of Brat

When lit it makes those within six feet of it grumpy, demanding and convinced that they are the most important people in the entire world. Murders have happened because of the evil effects of this candle.

33-Candle of Theology

This candles evoke strong religious feelings in people, even in agnostics and atheists. If the person is allready very religious it can turn them insanely so to the point where the person becomes a holy warrior for their faith and a danger to those not of their faith. Unscrupulous priests and bishops often fill their churches and cathedrals with these to gain more worshippers.

34. Candle of ill intent- When this candle is lit it will blow away from those that mean harm and towards those they seek to hurt. Very useful when someone is uncertain of others motives.

35. Candle of answers- This only works for yes and no answers, when someone answers a question it flickers twice if it's a lie and one if it's the truth.

36-Candle of Undead Warning

This one flickers and it's light turns green when undead of any kind, from brainless zombies right up to mighty litches, are in the area within ten feet of it. It merely warns about the Undead, it does not keep them away.

37-Candle of Itch

This orange candle causes everyone nearby to start scratching themselves raw, unless they have strong self control.

38. Candle of Inspiration - Anyone who sits within the light emanating from this candle while thinking is far more likely than normal to be struck by a good idea. (You can tell that this is wishful writing)

39. Candle of Smoking - After burning for a set period of time, this candle begins to emit a huge cloud of smoke, obscuring vision and making breathing difficult.

40. Candle of Discomfort - This candle emits an unpleasant odor which distracts all those nearby.

41. Candle of Explosions - After being lit for a certain duration of time, this candle explodes like a stick of dynamite.

42. Candle of Transport - These candles come in pairs. If both are lit, then extinguishing one will bring the extinguisher to the still-lit candle.

43. Candle of Immortality

This candle, when found, will always be "new", with a fresh, untouched wick. On the underside of the foot long, six-inch thick candle, a single rune can be seen, an infinity symbol or the like, a sigil denoting immortality.

Whoever lights the candle for any reason, will trigger the candle's "curse" immediately. Once lit, the candle contniues to burn, but the wax never seems to melt, nor does the candle ever shrink in size from the flames. For as long as the candle burns, the person will become literally immortal, immune to the ravages of old age and disease. The cruel catch however is that the candle is in every other way, quite ordinary, and can and will go out from a strong gust, or even a drafty breeze. It can likewise be doused with water, or the wick can simply be squeezed with two fingers to extinguish it. The insidious power of the candle then simply extinguishes the life of the candle lighter, irrevocably, on the spot. If left in a "perfect" environment, where it can stay lit forever (theoretcially), the lighter will indeed remain immortal. So while on one hand, this candle is a mighty artefact, a creation of some ancient, failed lich, on the other hand, it is more bane than boon.

Rumours persist of a certain assasin's order, known to use the candles of immortality to kill.

44. Candle of Harsh Light

The light cast from this candle is noticeably stronger than an average candle's light shoudl be. The light seems "purer" and somewhat intense, though not blinding. When this candle is lit, ine can easily notice blemishes, pores, and tiny marks upon the one's face and skin. Streetwalkers can be seen more clearly, often illuminating their normally unnoticeable flaws. One may notice a brown stain on a brown shirt more clearly, and so on. Noble women and theatre performers, often use these candles simply as lighting for application of make-up and skin-care. Sages and tomb-raiders use them as well, casting a clearer light on mysterious tomes and intricate picture carvings, which may or may not feature hidden meanings and riddles.

(Basically, they are not unlike the differences between regular and HD TV in effect)

45. Candle of Noisome Fume

This two foot long tapered candle is often found mixed in with a box of mundane candles that are typically used to illuminate temples and the homes of the wealthy. Once lit, close inspection reveals a greenish wisp of smoke coming from the candle as it burns. The effect is mild at first, but the longer the candle burns the more obvious and obnoxious the smell becomes. Children and the elderly are more likely to be effected first. The scent lingers for several days after the candle has been extinguished.

46. Candle of the Assassin

This candle looks quite ordinary, typical of the type used for night time illumination at a desk or study. The fumes of the candle are highly toxic due to the special herbs that have been distilled into the wax of the candle. The victim will pass out due to the fumes in 3D6 minutes, and after passing out there is a cumulutive 5% chance of death per minute after passing out.

47. Candle of Healing

The wax and wick of this candle are filled with the active ingredients of various Healing Herbs, which will have their effects on anyone who remains within 5' for the entire duration of the candles burning time. Each minute spent out of the radius will cause a 5% cumulative chance of failure.

48 + 1. Candle of Eavesdropping

When first lit, this candle 'records' all sound around it until extinguished. When next lit, it repeats the recorded sound, then extinguishes itself. The next time it is lit, it records all sound around it, and so on, until the candle finally runs out of wax. Useful for spies and courtly intrigue, but also for passing oral messages back and forth. Needless to say, in all forms it looks exactly like a normal candle.

49 + 2. Candle of Hushed Tongues

This green-hued candle is a favorite among conspirators. When lit everything said within a 10' radius is inaudible to those outside of perimeter. Lip-reading is still a risk, as well as a listening spell placed within the circle.

54-Candle of Procrastination

When this candle is lit, anyone within six feet of it will become lazy, and unable to concentrate on anything. It can be used to make people fail exams, for example.

55-Candle of Good Dreams

If lit and the person who lit it manages to get to sleep, it will prevent them from having nightmares. However, the next two times they go to sleep without lighting that candle first, their dreams will be horrible.

56- Demonlead Candle

The candles are black, with a redish cast, and oily feel. They seem to be intricately carved with runes and demonic elements.

This candle is made with the blood and fat of a demon (in which they will regenerate from the removal, but the removing process is painful to the demon). Most Deamonlead candles are made by the Demon itself, but some very, very powerful karcists (demon summoners) can bind down the demon and produce the components. As the candle is made, it appears carved. That is not the case, the taper takes on the runic and demonic carves images as it dries.

Normally, one lights the candle and is drawn (as if summoned) to the demon. This can make for an easy trip to a hell (or other place the demon might be). Sometimes these candles are sent as invites to others to talk.

Very experienced summoners can use the candles to bring the demon of choice to them. However it take a very extensive ritual, almost harder and longer than summoning the demon in the first place. However, the demon can not resist the summoning and is easier to bind to the circle of protection using it.

Since only middle rank or better demons can survive the process of making a Deamonlead candle, there is always powerful demonics involved.

57 - Orgone Candles

Orgone: A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material that purportedly can be captured with a boothlike device and used to restore psychological well-being. Some other names are mana, theiron, and chi. It has commonly been interpreted as "the stuff of which magic is formed", as well as the substance of which souls are made.

Any candle can be used to embed mystical energy of a given elemental or spiritual flavor/ wavelengths. The candle should be of an appropriate color and often is painted/ carved with appropriate to the energy to be stored.

Air - Yellow

Earth - Green

Fire - Red

Water - Blue

Espiritus - Grey

Fey - Pink/grey

Therio - Green/Grey

Dracos - Blue Grey

Solar - Gold

Lunar - Silver/ Grey

Note: These are European colors, Chinese/ Indian mythos would use different colors and tap to different elements.

Sometimes a small crystal is inserted in the bottom of the candle.

Energy is stored in the wax matrix of the candle in a draining several hour long ritual. Three times the energy is put in that is held in the matrix. The energy is released by burning the candle in a ritual position. So if you are empowering a two hour long ritual, the candle would need six hours of full strength channeling of the energy tupe being stored.

In practice the candles are used by solo practioners who need several elemental/ energy flows to be worked for a given ritual. You can "hold the corners" by yourself by having the other three corners rooted by candles appropriately charged.

(So store some magic points in the candle for future use. )

58) Ward Candles

This is a set of four or five candles. Each candle it dedicated to a divine or elemental force. The set is then bound with strong protection spells. By setting the candles up in a circle (or general polygon) and lighting them with a small spark of energy, they will form a warding, protecting those inside from magical/ spiritual forces outside. If incorporated into a proper mystic circle, it will multiply its effectiveness three fold. The effects will last as long as the candles are burning and the lines between the candles are unbroken.

59)The Hemispherical Candle of Tuit

Created by a sorceress whose husband never did get to the bottom of the "Honey Do" lists she wrote, the Hemispherical Candle of Tuit creates a nagging feeling that something is left undone in the minds of those who breathe the smoke. This nagging feeling persists until they get around do doing something they've been putting off for some time.

The candle is, in appearance, half of a red ball, the wick protruding from the top.

60) Blessed Candles

With this blessed flame

I remand myself to The Holy Flame

Spiritus of All

May it clense me of my sins

And Light my way

And Light the holy fire within (myself)


These candles are made at a number of monestaries around The Lands, in a manner defined by the Holy One. During the entire process, from culling and mixing the wax to the final finishing, monks are to pray certain prayers. In fact, the process of making the candles is practically it own liturgical cycle.

What is produced, besides a lovely handcrafted candle of good texture and solid composition, is a Blessed Light Candle. The lighting of the candle, especially if done so with a prayer on your lips, is said to ward off Evil by calling The Holy light down to you. The Holy Spirit is to move with you, assisting you in Holy Work.

These Candles are used during certain ceremonies throughout the liturgical year, and as special gifts to those who must pray alone (so they won't be alone). The Clergy will often use these candles "in special cases" to ensure the spirit is with them.

The Candle functions as a bonus or tool to any clerical thaumaturgical and some thergical actions. They can also be considered Orgone Candles for Clerical Energies.

61. Taper of the Firey Exit

This special candle, which functions but once when lit, will burn with a glorious light, a flickering promise. When the flame is touched by one who wishes to die, they are immediately enveloped by a brilliant white inferno. Moments later, they and all they carry crumble to the floor as ash.

62) Windstore Candles

These candles are broad, thick, and do not give off much light. The wax is a muddy cream with a cross hatched pattern at its base. Minor air sprites (elementals) are bound into the wax when they are created. Thus the candles will burn without using up air or lighting gases found in mines/ tunnels. They can also be used underwater.

63) Candle of Shadow's Will

The candle can only be used in a darken room, with little to no light from other sources. If lit in a better lit room, it will simply be a normal candle with an unpleasant smell.

If lit in a room with little to no light besides the candle, the candle will glow brightly and throw deep dhadows on the walls of every person, "unique object", or something specifically designed to cast a shadow (like a shadow puppet). After a brief time.. the shadows will begin to move on their own. They will move and interact. Usually they will tell a story of some kind. It could show a future or past, it might show inner thoughts or unfelt motivations, and depending on what the shadow puppet is (the silloute of a dragon, god, castle, or what ever) you can set up specific scenarios.

If the people are quiet and do not move much, they might hear the shadows make sound.

The insights one can gain by watching the shadows might lead to motivations in their real life.

64) Candle of Love's Waiting

Now a submission:

If you want to see the expanded inspiration text:

These are thick heavy candles of an odd greenish creame color. Each candle is made with baby hairs and current blood of the recipient by a skilled mystic chandler (Candle manufacturer). They are favorites of wives, lovers, and mothers who send their loved ones off to battle or to far away lands to trade.

To activate, the candle is held by the loved one, and the person staying home lights it, just before the loved one is leaving. Words of love are traditionally exchanged. The candle is extinguished. The loved one leaves on their journey. The candle should be placed in a window or a shelf by the door. Ideally, the candle is lit that night and it will stay lit until loved one returns home OR can not return home ever (this is a euphemism for dying, but better candles will sometimes take in to consideration people who will never return and might as well be dead to their loved ones). One candle lasts one journey, even if that journey takes years. (note the light is so soft that it provides no real lumination).

Candles of less skilled mystic chandler or those made without baby hairs (or using other recipes of lesser effectiveness) create a candle that must be lit every night. The candle will only light and glow if the loved one can return home. If the candle will not light, the person is lost never to return (again another euphemism for dead or might as well be). If the candle is not lit every night before dawn, it will lose its hold on the loved one. Some people prefer these candles as they require a show of devotion on both sides. These candles are also reusable for many journeys and last as long as they would as if they were mundane candles (9 hours (figure 2 minutes spent each lighting at minimum).

These candles are tied to their loved ones who are away. Thus such a candle can be used to cast magic on the person as if they were right there. And there is little to no resistance possible to spells so cast. Now many people use this connection without magic, to send a feeling of love to the loved one (and feel that loved one back). With magic, messages can sent, spells of healing or luck, cantrips of clean, and so on. However, malific magic is possible against the candle. And with little or no resistance against it, the loved one is an easy target.

Note: unlit candles tied to a person could be used as a magic focus. Thus candles just "hanging around" could be a liability. The linkage explains why these candles are not as popular as one might think, especially among The Nobles, Magical, or Wealthy.

It is traditional in some areas that these candles are used in wedding ceremonies, when both natal candles (small love's waiting candles made soon after birth) of both the bride and the groom are lit together from the sacred fire. It helps bind them together with their loving vows, and shows that they are on a journey together.

65- Candle of Coldfire

When lit this blue candle will rapidly cool down an area of several feet around it, and burns with the flame of Coldfire dancing on the wick. It is useful for preserving foodstuffs, being lit around a dead body laid out in state to slow decay, as air conditioning in a hot area or to make a dungeon paticularly nasty to be locked up in. A burn from this flame causes frostbite. Fires caused by this candle that get out of control are very hard to fight as they turn water poured on them to ice.

66- Candle of Lotion

When lit, a person wearing lotion who wants to wipe it off is unable to. Useful in a hospital setting for those with itchy rashes.

Two thirds of the 101 have now been done. (roughly.)

67- Candle of Perjury

A great idea that didn't work so well in practise. The idea was that anyone giving evidence in court within range of this candle would have to tell lies, and so a nortorious gangster up on murder charges would be able to walk free. Sadly for him, it was too powerful and affected everyone in court, even the judge. The trial broke up in chaos and the cause was found. A retrial was done and the gangster was found guilty.

68- Candle of New Life

When lit, and prepared by burning a piece of paper with the true name of the target on it, this can be used to befuddle someone so they can be kiddnapped. If a lot of time (days or maybe weeks) is used, they can be made to think they are someone else and adopt their personality and behavior. However, if the candle blows out the spell is broken and the target gets all his/her memories back at once.

69 - Candle d'Amour

If the candle is lit in their presence, everyone in the glimmer of its light, has is bathed by an aura of The Spirit of Sensual Love. Everyone's throughts turn to romance and more carnal desires despite better intentions or common sense. And it does not always limit itself to "conventional" or the way people normally think of these things. Violence, as most think of it, seems impossible in the glow of the light. In addition to increasing desire, it also improves performance. When the effects of the candle is over, most people are fairly exhausted. If one leaves the light, the effects continue for a time after.

If you enter the light after it is lit, the effects are strong, but not overwhelming. They are often used by houses of the red lanterns.

Appropriate Ego/ Will/ Drive checks (as well as magical resistance) will occur. Two or three fails checks will lead one into a sensual frenzie. (You can choose to fail a roll). Such rolls are modified by other reaction modifiers and such. And of course Sensual Skill checks have increased bonuses.

70. Candle of the Fishy Assassin

A non-magical candle that, depending on the strength of the fish oil mixed into it, can either knock out everyone within a confined space for up to three days, or kill them outright. The cause of death will most likely be untraceable by any but an experienced sailor.

(Inspiration from The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket)

71. Candle of Sunshine

This powerful magical candle will burn for eight hours,and the light it sheds, while not over bright, will sustain plants within 10' as if in natural light. It does not, however, have any supernatural powers ascribed to true sunlight.

72. Arrowstop Candle

Actually more powerful then its name suggests, any projectile will lose all speed when coming within 10' of the lite candle. The candle can be snuffed normally, and cannot be relit if this happens. These candles burn very quickly, and lose time for each projectile stopped.

73. Candle of Candles - the owner of this one will come to like candles, and will most probably start to collect them. If set aflame, it will sizzle into a blob within a minute.

74. The stupid one - when lighted, this candle will become extremely slippery to the touch. The original was a mistake, but it has found its uses... just be careful to not put yourself on fire.

75. Candle of Bonfire - it emits the sound, and light of a large, roaring fire - just not the warmth. Put it into your fireplace for some ambience.

76. Candle of Sobering

A thick scented candle that sobers and calms those who bask in it's glow. Works for about one table at a time, but might not affect everyone. Sometimes used secretly by Bartenders to prevent fights in their bars. They have also be purchased by men who have work in the moring, or wives who have had one-too-many and don't want their husbands to know. A nice smelling, and not very suspicious, way of sobering up, or just relaxing, a rowdy group.

Cross posted from the BARFIGHT! by MoonHunter. Given credit to Pieh, as it was his post.

77. Candle of Drunkeness

The opposite of the Candle of Sobering, this candle strengthens the effects of alcohol drunk with it's light. Used by inkeepers against rival inns to cause fights on the premises, by date rapists to get women drunk and by those who want to get drunk as quickly as possible.

78-Candle of Ghost Summoning

The candle when lit will summon a ghost that the summoner wants summoned. It does not control the ghost, and not all ghosts are happy to be summoned, so it is best to draw out a pentacle for safety and to remember that sometimes ghosts tell lies.

79-Candle of Impersonation

This candle when lit will let someone look and sound like someone else. If it is kept lit for too long the person will start thinking that they really are the other person, and when it goes out, the person turns back fully into himself or herself.

80- Flare

Within a few seconds of this candle being lit, the flame will launch itself towards whatever the candle is pointing at. It's mainly used as a primitive firework, as the fireball rarely flies true, making it nearly worthless as a weapon. This candle is responsible for more than one outbreak of fire, lit by those who are unaware of it's magical properties. As such, the are several countries who ban this sorts of candles, and those who continue to manufacture them tend to include various warning labels and distinctive marks.

(Think of it as a fantasy equivalent of a signal flare.)

81- Still

This candle appears much like a regular candle when unlit. It's special properties only appear when lit. Within a few minutes of being lit, the candle flame will become still and glass like, and would cease to emit both heat and light. In fact, the area around the marble tends to be significantly colder than it's surroundings. The resulting object tends to be a near perfect replica of the flame, and can be picked up and handled much like any other object. It's true properties appear when it's shattered. When it's broken, it will release all the heat it has gathered in a massive conflagration. The strength of the explosion depends on how long it has been since it's been created. Older marbles yield larger explosions than newer ones, the oldest of which are capable of creating firestorms all by themselves. They are also easily concealed or disguised as jewelery, making them excellent weapons for the unscrupulous. Understandably, these kinds of candles are extremely rare.

82. Candle of the Banquet

Anyone standing near this candle is the life of the party. At feasts and banquets, these candles are placed all over the room, providing all of the guests with a wonderful party experience.

83. Candle of History

Wherever the holder of this candle is, they know the history of their location. On battlefields, people can almost see the wars going on around them. This candle is very useful for scholars and historians.

84. Candle of Imprisonment

If these candles are placed around a person, then a magical barrier keeps them confined. The prisoner cannot blow out the candles, only people outside the barrier.

85. Candle of Soul Keeping

When lit, this candle protects the soul of the person who lit it. If he or she should die while the candle burns, they will not return as any sort of undead, nor will any dark sacrifice of them produce any benefit.

86. Candle of Recording

When lit, this candle burns down to exactly its halfway mark, then extinguishes itself. If lit a second time, the candle will completely burn out, replaying any sounds made within its radius when it was first lit.

87. Candle of the Valkyrie

While this candle burns, the person who lit it is under observation by the Valkyries. These candles are commonly lit by warriors before battle, and when camps are threatened in a battle, warriors have been known to break from combat to protect their candles.

88) Candles of Shadow Summoning

Pulling creatures from the Shadow Realm is a tricky business. They are spirits twisted by contact with our own, changed into some form not of their own choosing, simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once formed and shaped, they stay that way for a time, but eventually melt back into shapeless umbra that they came from.

It was tricky business until a proper process was developed. It requires candles made in the dark or in deep shadow. They should be purplish black in color and without scent. The wick should be dyed black as well. (If dyed with Kona Root, the fire itself will have a purple cast to it.) The Fourteen Runes of Shadows should be carved upon the candles.

The spell process requires a hooding of the candle, so the light only shines in one direction. The light should be shone upon a shadow puppet of the desired form to be summoned (if one is very brave a number of shadow puppets). It is important that it is a puppet that casts the shadow. If it is not a puppet, the caster will have no control over the shadow spirit. The shadow must be cast upon a black clear wall... and no other shadows should occur upon the wall. Upon the shadow the summoning spell is cast, and a shadow form is summoned.

Again, great precautions should be taken with this or any summoning spell. Every step missed is an opportunity for the summoning to go wrong. (Extra shadows you didn't bind might be aggressive. Uncontrolled shadows being angry. Without the Runes the wrong things could be summoned. Imperfections on the wall could lead to imperfections on the spell. If your circle of protection isn't perfect, the creature might be able to reach you before binding. And so on...)

89) Candle of Warning

This candle flickers every time a lie is spoken within six feet of it.

90) Candle of Ironlight

This candle, which is a grey colour will keep away elves, fairies and the like from within it's light range, but only if they hate/fear iron. It also smells like burning metal although the smell is harmless.

91) Nanny's Balm

These candles are sometimes magic, sometimes alchemy, but either way the effect is the same. Anyone under the age of 12, will slowly become calmer under the light/smoke of the candle. This is not a big difference normally, as it is not mind control, just an influence. However, at bed time, it is the blessing of the gods.

92) Candles of Throat

This ancient candle (hence the odd name) is a combination of magic and alchemy. The smoke from the candle (which is pleasant) allows one to talk (and even talk loudly) without risking the throat (no hoarseness, no drying out, etc). These candles are used in long courtly meetings, in classrooms where a teacher/professor can drone on, and by better singing minstrels.

93) Candle of Cleanliness

If the flame is passed over a dirty part of the body, there is no limit to what it can clean. Road grime, metal dust, blood and guts. It doesn't heal and it won't take anything from inside a cut. Anything on the skin will be removed as the candle flame is passed over it. It will not heal. It will leave a pleasant smell on the skin as a residue.