Kineticite(TM) is a product of Applied Nanotech Universal (ANU - Terran Stock Exchange Ticker, + 1.35% )

This product is truly revolutionary representing both a designer fuel and explosive.  At its most basic level, Kineticite stores kinetic energy in trillions of nano-scale cells.  Each cell contains a flywheel that stores the energy, and has additional nanotech structures which allow for energy input, shielding and control.  The carefully engineered material has the capacity of absorbing a great deal of either microwave, visible or coherent light and converting it into stored energy.  When properly signaled, the careful containment used to keep the flywheels in place is released, and the individual ‘cell' is destroyed, releasing its kinetic energy as heat.

The individual cells are quite well protected - the flywheel is contained within a fullerene sphere - and not liable to chain reaction unless a great deal of energy is already being released.  When used as a fuel, the cells can be commanded to destruct by ‘lot' number so at any one moment, only a portion of the Kineticite will release it's energy. In any quantity of Kineticite there were be tens of thousands of lot numbers, allowing incremental ‘activation' of less then .01% at a time.

What changes the material from fuel to explosive is the amount of energy stored along with the rate of release.  So long as the released energy is less then that required to disrupt the fullerene spheres, the material will ‘burn' in a controlled manner.

If activated at too low an energy density, the flywheels will not have enough power to destroy the cell and only damage it.  The result of this is that it will no longer take a charge and will be expensive carbon and silicon dust.

The cells are organized in such a manner that when packed together the flywheels all will have random orientation.  This is necessary for the material not to exibit gyroscopic effects at the macro level.

Kineticite appears as a grey powder with consistency similar to graphite.

Environmental Considerations

Kineticite is 99% by mass Carbon and Silicon and does not rely on combustion to provide it's energy.    Only a small fraction of it's mass includes rarer, more toxic chemicals. Kineticite can be charged directly by sunlight or other ambient EMF.  Of course energy density will dictate how much energy can be absorbed in a given timeframe.

Health Issues

As a nanotech material, it falls under the jurisdiction of the TCPA (Terran Consumables and Pharmaceuticals Association) and is still under review by that organization.  Preliminary studies show the substance to have little to no bioactive properties.

Covert Operations

Kineticite has numerous advantages in Covert Operations.  It has very high energy densities so little is required for a given operation. It contains no volatile chemicals, decreasing the chance of it's discovery by many systems.  Unless scans are sophisticated enough to examine atomic structure, the material will appear as parts of electronics - Carbon and silicon are not generally screened for.  It is quite stable, able to resist shock, static electricity and moderate heat without premature detonation.

The fact that a detonator for this substance could easily be created from a battery, infrared LED and a sequencing processor cannot help but be an advantage as well.

Campaign Use

The various properties of this material lend itself to many applications - it can be used in weapons of all descriptions or fuel various vehicals.  It can either be a ubiquitous driver powering things already, or a campaign-shaking new substance.

Plot Ideas


The design for Kineticite is a very valuable secret and can be the focus for adventure.  PC's could be tasked with her obtaining it, protecting it from others, or perhaps even destroying the secret before it turns an economy upside down.

Field Testing

The PC's organization has obtained new products using Kineticite.  The PCs are volenteered to employ these new devices on their next field operation.

What's this

The PC's uncover a supply of this material without any information on what it is and what it does.  Perhaps they find an enemy terrorist cell that has a huge stockpile of this material?

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