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August 23, 2013, 10:30 pm

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Key, Quill, and Seal


The three sacred relics of Ahkti.

A Brief History

In the time of Hagartha, follower of Ahkti, three sacred items were unearthed from three ancient temples. Each temple, originally of simple stone and wood design, had been buried beneath vine and rubble for many, many years. But the rebels against the Empire took refuge in the forgotten places and discovered these lost treasures.

The relics were brought to Hagartha and used in the sacred rites. In time, Hagartha sent each to a trusted lieutenant as a symbol of Ahkti's blessing. Each of the three relics are oversized, made of heavy iron blackened with age, and formed in once-fine detail that has become roughened with time and treatment.

After the destruction of the Empire and the subsequent fragmentation of Ahkti's faithful, the three items have been spread far and wide.

The Key, The Quill, and The Seal

The Key

The Key has a loop at one end and two large teeth at the other. Easily twice the length of a large man's palm, it is unlikely to have ever been designed for use in an actual lock.

The Key is a symbol of unlocking one's place in Ahkti's realm through good works and a life of humble piety. It is through this understanding that we must shape ourselves, mold ourselves into the enlightened beings which Ahkti desires us to be, that we begin to understand what it means to hold the Key and Be the Key.

— Hagartha

In a setting where magic is real, the Key will open any barrier at a touch (it does not need to fit in a lock), but only as long as the bearer is a devotee of Ahkti/Aktagarti. Of each item, the Key has passed through the most hands and could appear anywhere.

The Quill

Like the Key, the Quill is quite large and does not appear to be made for use. It is a full foot in length and shaped like an elongated raven. The wings are held tightly against the body and molded to it, forming a grip. The beak forms the tip, held slightly open as though ink could be drawn within.

The Quill is the divine instrument through which Ahkti communicates His will to the faithful. It was not until the Quill came into my possession that I finally understood what Ahkti wished of me. By the Quill may we know Ahkti's true will.

— Hagartha

The Quill is functional but it is not an easy tool to use. Only an ink made with a special formula can be drawn within it. It is heavy but its use requires a steady hand. If the tip is too close to the paper, it will spill all of its stored ink ruining any existing writing in the process. Held too far away it will not write.

Its accuracy as a function of Ahkti's will is left up to the needs of the campaign. In a campaign with true divine forces, one held in high esteem by Ahkti and trained in the use of the Quill will become a conduit of the sacred word and can use this tool to write the pure word of Ahkti; albeit only when so inspired.

This relic has spent the majority of its existence in a monastery but few amongst them have been found worthy to use the sacred Quill. In the modern era it has been moved to a museum.

The Seal

The Seal is made of two interlocking halves, each a part of a simple maze-like spiral. It is capable of being separated into the two parts but no one yet alive has figured out the puzzle. It is a perfect likeness of Ahkti's symbol, the bisected spiral.

The Seal is the most sacred of all. It is as close to the face of Ahkti as we will ever get. It represents divinity. The truth of Ahkti can be seen within, but His visage can only be discerned through much meditation and devotion.

— Hagartha

Even after Hagartha and his direct teachings were lost, the Seal remained the most recognized symbol of Aktagarti. Throughout the ages, the temple which housed the Seal became the defacto center of the religion. Even when man spread to the stars this seal remained in the possession of the most powerful sect.

In a world of true divinity, the Seal is the ultimate holy symbol. It provides enormous power to a truly dedicated believer and burns all others to ash.

Plot Hooks

  • A warlord is trying to legitimize himself by acquiring all three items, believing that many will flock to him with such tangible symbols of Aktagarti. He is correct.
  • It has been said that separating the halves of the Seal will bring about the end of the world. A fanatical sect of Aktagarti are seeking to make that happen. They have managed to steal it; there is a healthy bounty for its return before the apocalypse happens. The nature of this apocalypse is uncertain. Maybe the world will split in twain, or reality will unravel as the spiral in the Seal unravels.
  • The Quill was stolen for a few years before mysteriously appearing once again in its original resting place. There are now new scriptures being circulated which claim to be the word of Aktagarti. A religious war is looming as the faithful argue over authenticity.
  • A macguffin desperately sought after by the PCs has been secured behind locks which the PCs cannot open. Word of the Key has made it to them. Are the old legends of its ability to open any door true? And are any of the PCs sufficiently devoted to Ahkti?

Notes on Campaign Usage

These items hold a great deal of power over the faithful. They are unimaginably old; so much so that even Hagartha, whose name was slowly forgotten when the name Ahkti became Aktagarti, never figured out who made them or when. He conjectured that there may have been other, similar items still lost in as-yet-undiscovered ruins.

In a non-magic campaign, the sole power of these items lies with the faithful and as such makes a great plot device. In a campaign with magic, these are very powerful, one-of-a-kind items. They contain a direct link to the divine. A real god would care very much for these symbols and would not willingly allow an unbeliever to violate them.

Additional Ideas (1)

The Riddle of the Seal

That the seal may be split in twain is a legend known to a relative few. It has been said that splitting the seal will split the world. Some believe it to be a literal sundering of the world while others believe it would mirror a division of the faith. Others have conjectured that the two halves represent the division between this world and the world of spirit; they hypothesize that a split of the Seal would cause a rift between those two realities and bring chaos to the world.

The Seal itself appears to be rather simple in nature when viewed from afar. When one attempts to follow the details it appears complex. The simple spiral is actually made up of a number of thicker lines intersected by a number of smaller ones. Hagartha used it as a focus for spiritual meditation and believed that he came to know something of the nature of Ahkti by pondering these lines.

Following the lines with ones fingers reveals that the lines are not solidly connected but are rather pieces of wire threaded around each other. Pressure on various parts causes other parts to shift. To Hagartha, this symbolized the interconnectedness of all. Accordin to Hagartha's teachings, this shows how we cannot affect the smallest thing in life without touching a web larger than ourselves. He used this as the basis for a philosophy of peace and respect toward others.

The two halves are connected by a bisecting line which is made up of a great multitude of these variously sized threads. Putting pressure on a point of one half of the Seal will cause a shift in the threads of this bisecting line which will then be reflected in a change in the other half of the Seal.

The legend of the puzzle is this: if the bearer of the Seal were to place pressure upon an intricate series of points on the Seal, in a specific order with specific differences in pressure, the lines in the middle would slowly unwind and cause the Seal to split into two mirrored halves.

Most bearers of the Seal have been vehemently opposed to solving the puzzle, feeling it would undo the divine power of Ahkti. A few have tried, however, but with no luck. In the modern age it is often a source of speculation, especially in the argument between mechanical and animistic world views.


2013-08-23 10:31 PM » Link: [7505#88748|text]
Is it possible to sunder it by force, and what were to happen if so? What material is it made of, how much does it weigh? If you threw it into a volcano or something ,what then?

2013-08-24 09:48 AM » Link: [7505#88750|text]
Due to the strength of the entwined wires, sundering it would require enough force to destroy the entire thing. The effect of this would depend entirely on the campaign: anything from having a useless bundle of iron wire to the introduction of a mile-wide crater to the complete dissolution of reality.

It is made of iron and weighs as much as you would expect a large chunk of iron to weigh.

2013-08-24 05:54 PM » Link: [7505#88755|text]
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Comments ( 13 )
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Voted Shadoweagle
August 22, 2013, 3:42
I like that you have made Ahkti able to be used in magic or non magic settings, as well as fantasy, medieval, modern and sci-fi eras.

It's a nice touch that you gave magical options, yet still allow functionality for these items outside of a fantasy realm.

And again I will say that what I am liking about your subs at the moment Moon, is that they have plenty of information without rambling on - they don't create a daunting read for us, but something we can quickly enjoy.
August 22, 2013, 23:37
I believe that the 8-in-8 challenge is forcing me to be as clear as I can with minimal verbiage. Posting something every day means that I don't have the luxury of taking a few days to work in every possible detail. I'm glad to know that this tactic is working. I do plan on tackling more involved subs later on, though. Hopefully they won't ramble :)
Voted CrazyF1r3f0x
August 22, 2013, 14:45
Cool ideas, though I'd like some more detail on the puzzle of the seal; and what makes it so difficult to solve.
August 22, 2013, 16:43
I will add an idea at the end explaining the Seal in more detail.
August 22, 2013, 16:29
At first when I checked the uh...categories for these, I just read wand/staff, so I figured, oh so these three items will combine into a wand then...Then I reached the end, and had to take a second look, saw arcane and figured it out. I would have liked the wand idea more to be honest. Nothing that really stands out, but nothing really wrong with it. That plothook with the world tearing in twain was worth a .5 at least, though there should have been more information on the seal when used as such a campaign defining macguffin.

I don't understand how the quill is supposed to work, how is it any different than any other quill?
August 22, 2013, 16:42
My apologies about the confusion; I was having difficulty picking the category. As far as I could tell, there really isn't anything for items that matched religious relic.

Because of its size the quill can't use regular ink. It would need something more viscous that wouldn't simply pour out. Also, because it is unwieldy while requiring precise control it would be very difficult to use. Imagine a huge iron pen that will dump all of its ink if it does more than barely touch the paper.
August 23, 2013, 6:44
Then what would be the point in using it?
August 23, 2013, 6:56
Oh, you want to know what it does.

I guess I didn't explicitly say this, but it is the way (or is merely believed to be the way, depending) in which Ahkti communicates the divine word. Someone who is worthy would be able to write scripture as though Ahkti himself wrote it. (Or, if there is no real magic, someone could say whatever they wanted and claim Ahkti wrote it.). That is what is meant by "The Quill is the divine instrument through which Ahkti communicates His will to the faithful." It is why the plot hook about the Quill missing for a time could cause the claim of new scripture being available to be taken seriously.
August 22, 2013, 16:47
Update: Changing the subcategory to avoid further confusion.
August 23, 2013, 22:30
Update: Clarified the power of the Quill.
Voted Gossamer
August 25, 2013, 7:32
Questions answered, issues dealt with, +.5.
Voted valadaar
August 27, 2013, 20:43
A great set of relics. One can not have too many of those, and these have a lot of uses.
Voted Dozus
January 22, 2014, 11:32
I like the sense of mythos you have with these items. They seem like something Sir Gawain might hear about on a quest, or stories that were passed down through the ages.

I'd love to see some more plothooks here, but it binds well to your Ahkti myth.



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