a small smooth blue stone that glows gently but give off no light, seems fluid and is cold to the touch. It is a size that fits comfortably into the palm of any medium sized humanoid's hand.
Given by a member of the family to somebody of elven blood before a journey or pilgrimage, the Fontis Stone was forged to prevent horrible death to a child of the forest by dehydration.

When simply in contact with the skin, the stone will quickly begin to perspire, when the phrase is spoken (the phrase is unique to each stone and spoken in elvish tongue) water seems to pour out of the stone, easily filling the glass. The owner of the stone can controll the speed that water flows from the stone, by the speed at which the phrase is spoken. It is very important to whom has recieved it, not only for it's practical use but also for the honor that comes with this item being gifted. Some are handed down through families, and others are crafted specifically with one user in mind. Returning from a journey without the Fontis Stone either by losing it, giving it away, or allowing it to be stolen, is a great shame to your soul.

Magical Properties:

when held in the hand of somebody of elven blood it perspires, when the phrase is spoken softly it can create up to one gallon of water at a time

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