Everlasting chalk is a whitish lumpy round mass with yellowish streaking in it. Sizes vary, but most are about the size of a peach pit. Use it for anything you would use normal quality chalk for, it will not susbstitue as higher grades due the streaking and it's own very nature. What's remarkable about the chalk is that you can write, draw, mark things however you like with it, and it regrows, renewing itself for further use. While it's name is everlasting chalk, it is not indestructable. It can simply be crushed into a powder, and while it doesn't burn, prolonged exposure to fire with cause it to break apart to dust, as will acid; neither of which is surprising considering it's origins.

The "chalk" is a troll's kidney stone.

Unless they are personally involved in it's harvest, most adventurers are blissfully unaware of it's true origin and simply regard it as some type of minor magic or a tiny portal to some chalk dimension; and make use of it on a day to day basis. Trolls themselves could care less about someone using it, although those with sense enough to show civilised manners think it a bit gross. There is no danger of running out of trolls to produce the stuff either, as there is little demand in fifty gold piece chalk, even if it did last forever...

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