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The Egoyo are mostly known for the fact that their faces consist mostly of nose, and their bodies consist mostly of face. There skin is a deep Midnight blue, or Cerulean, and their beady eyes aere a milky celadon. Egoyo are fond of wearing thick clothing, composed of black cloth and metals, resulting in their hunched, weighted looking shapes.

The Egoyo are sensitive to sunlight, though they often venture out of their mountain homes. Their heavy clothes, while hellishly hot, do not bother them on these excursions, as Egoyo have high heat tolerance. The trips are often made into human cities, either to trade, or raid their dumps to make and fuel their infernal machines.

Egoyo are much feared in human society, though they have succeeded in relatively peaceful, if tense, trade relations with many nations. The “blues,” as they are often called, are at the brunt of many human jokes, and are insulted even in religious texts and children’s rhymes.


The Egoyo come in many sizes, ranging from one foot to four. though they make no distinction in class between them. An Egoyo does not grow like humans or Ylfharn do, either, instead having one or two periods of rapid growth. Their life spans an average of 45 years, just barely succeding that of a Human’s.

Only Egoyo, out of all sentient beings in Wider realm, have the largest understanding of the old technology. The Great engines of war and life saving machines the humans left behind in fear are scavenged and rebuilt by the Egoyo, though even they do not know how or why such knowledge was lost.

The Egoyo do not worship the Traditional gods of the Humans and Ylfharn, but instead have two distinct pantheons of their own. The First set of dieties are ancestral in nature. It is said that the Egoyo were descended from divine beings, with each family, no matter how small, having their own ancestral god, whose name is used in the same manner as humans use surnames. The second set is animistic in nature, and revolves around the spiits of machines. Anything mechanical in nature is atleast partially divine, and all machines are personified. The strangest charicteristic of this latter belief, and of the Egoyo themselves, is their mysterious ability to “Smell” the “Moods” of these gods.

Additional Information

The term “Blue” is veiwed as one of the foulest insults in human culture, especially in Kalmshan. It is used to denote a thief, heretic, and traitor. For this reason, Prison uniforms are often bright blue, which also allows them to be picked out easily against the sand and brush in human populated areas.

The Shako is popular among the Egoyo, particularly their machinists, and is known among humans as a “Blue cap.”

While the Egoyo are not a fertile race, their numbers are still large, and there are uncountable numbers of families. However, a few groups are particularly reknowned, these are listed as follows:

YoYaYe - The God YoYaYe is depicted as having three heads, (Yo, Ya, and Ye, respectively,) at their coming of age ceremony, a young Egoyo born into this family is choosen by one of the heads, which sets out a career path for it. Yo is a warrior, Ya, a sage, and Ye, a laborer.

Kway - Kway is a trickster god, and his descendants make particularly good scavengers and traders.

Gnowaryay - Gnowaryay is a mother, and she is like the sun in her light. Her descendants are great scavengers, having higher than normal sun tolerance for Egoyo, though it is still little compared to Humans.

Tonalanjiyo - Closely associated with the snakes that crawl over his body, Tonalanjiyo is the great Glutton, and some say he will someday eat the universe. The Tonalanjiyii, his relatives, are often cooks, and have a great love of food.

Birikne - Godess of music and noise, the Biriknii are very boisterous and proud.

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