The product of addled, pica-afflicted wizard, these are a set of one-size-fits-all false teeth, almost supernaturally white. They are very powerful, for they allow the wearer to bite and chew everything but strongly enchanted material, and to safely consume it. Even hazardous materials such as nails and glass may be eaten without ill effect, as if wax.

Inedible material provides no nutrition, and seems to disappear once eaten. Materials with some nutritional value (wood, bone, etc) will feed the user, though poorly. Pure liquids are unaffected by the dentures. The user must have no teeth to use this item.

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Dentures are not, in fact, anachronistic, and could be found in some form in a fantasy setting. With the high availability of magically strong metals dentures of a quality rivialing modern dentures could be produced. In earth history, there are articles stating that they have been found thousands of years BC, and in some cases, even fanged dentures may have been used.