Environmental Powers

Environmental powers are visible manifestations of parapsychic powers, and they 'create' elemental force or energy out of seemingly nowhere. These powers are easy to abuse, and overdoing it can cause a parapsychic burn/flare/scourge which is generally uncontrolled manifestations of the parapsychic's powers, such as a pyrokinetic being surrounded by a corona of living flame, or liquids randomly freezing around a cryokinetic. 


The manipulation of 'cold'. This art defies science as cold isn't a measurable force, it is the absence of heat. Cryokinetics are able to 'create' coldness. It is commonly explained that the parapsychic is biologically functioning as a dimensional heat sink, but it is only a moderately functional theory. 

Ice Armor - the CK can cause his clothing to become cold, causing ambient moisture in the air to turn into ice. This raises the armor rating of non-metallic clothing, or lets the initiate make his own armor out of things that are normally not useful as armor, such as meat, fluid substances and so forth. A common manifestation are ice fists, ice spike knuckles, and so forth.

Cryo-Bolt - a thrown projectile, the cryo-bolt is a sphere of manifested supercooling. The bolt causes organic material (flesh) to freeze, often to the mortal detriment of the target. It can also freeze pools of water, create slip hazards and other innovative applications.

Chill Barrier - rapidly decreases the temperature in a volume of space, the effect is much more pronounced in enclosed environments. This can make guns fail as mechanical components jam from ice or frost accumulation, as well as sending uncovered people running for warmth or protection.


The Firestarters were among the first parapsychics to erupt in the Cosmic Era. Pyrokinesis creates and manipulates heat and combustion, allowing parapsychics to create fuelless flames, or turn matches into maelstroms of fire, or a house into a cloud of ash. Pyrokinesis is a stunningly dangerous power as it is very prone to causing power burns and flares, as well as making formerly nice people into walking flamethrower sociopaths.

Flame Bolt - a projectile attack that is literally a thrown ball of fuelless flame. It can rapidly start fires, ignite combustible material, and do all of the other fun things a fireball can do. This is not an explosion, so there is no knock down, blast wave, or other cinematics associated with such blasts. 

Focus Power - The PK can focus on a single object within the line of sight and project power into it. The object will either ignite or melt under the unwavering stare of the pyrokinetic. 

Flamethrower - the PK creates a continuous stream of flame that emanates usually from the hands, but mouth and 'eye fire' are not unknown. It is a sustained action and can be very taxing, and a quick path to an uncontrolled flare. 


Also called TK, it is likely the most common environmental manifestation of parapsychic power. Telekinetics are able to manipulate physical objects with their mind. The common image is levitating objects and bending spoons. Powerful TKs can lift cars, and crush objects, or tear them apart. 

Force Bolt - The TK creates a bolt/ball/mental construct that is a physical projection of mental/cosmic force. Each construct is different, and while normally invisible, at higher intensities or right conditions (smoke, heat distortion, underwater) can be seen by it's effect. The bolt is a forward moving crushing/punching action.

Force Manipulation - The TK reaches out, creating a construct that allows them to manipulate objects. Common constructs are invulnerable grasping hands, whips, chains, and other thematic constructs for grabbing, lifting, pulling, or otherwise applying force to an object.

Levitation - The TK uses the power of their mind to lift themselves off the ground for very limited flight/floating power. Alternately can be used to lift and move other objects or people. The strength of a TK grows not progressively, but exponentially. A beginner might only be able to move a one pound object with sweaty concentration, a master can lift large vehicles like tanks.


The power of electricity, thunder and lightning. Electrokinetics are rare, dangerous and usually under constant scrutiny and medication. EKs are feared for their ability to harm others, but also for being able to destroy electronic devices with ease, or to co-opt them with their innate connection to the very force that powers them. 

Lightning Bolt/Shockwave - The EK is fully capable of throwing glowing tendrils of electricity from his body like a biological tesla coil. This can cause lethal injury to people hit, fry electronics, and pass through conductive objects like metal and water to proper cinematic effect. This can stun an low levels and flash cook at high power

Control Device - An EK can subvert primitive electronic devices and machines by brute force manipulation of their power supply. This can be used to deliberately destroy a device, fusing it, or to control automatic doors, control servo motors and so on. It can be used on energy weapons, but such actions can cause the weapons to explode as cosmic current (CC) is nothing like AC or DC. 


There are two versions of air bending, the most common actually being telekinesis with an 'air aspect' manifestation. True Aerokinesis is weather manipulation. 

Air Gust/Blast - The AK knocks things down by calling gale force winds. While not likely to cause damage like a TK bolt, it is much more capable of causing structural damage by lifting roofs off houses, knocking down trees and other large objects

Flight - The AK is able to fly by manipulation of the air, some are propelled by jets of air, while others 'ride' the winds. This is a power extensive use and rarely used for any great distance. 

Fog - the AK can create fog to obscure an area. In enclosed spaces this is especially effective in limited visibility, fouling electronic monitoring equipment, and muffling sound.

Fling - An accomplished AK can use the force of stormwinds to lift and throw objects, like tractors and parts of buildings


A strange and rare art only known in a few places, terrakinesis is a symbiotic power often called Earth bending, earth shaping, and para-assimilation. This power allows for the Parapsychic to physically manipulate solid matter in ways that solid matter should not behave in, such as granite acting soupy, stretching room temperature metal bare-handed, or simply changing the shape of something by thinking about it. Terrakinetics usually have to touch what they want to manipulate, and tend to be more physical than cerebral in nature.

Armor Form - the speciality of terrakinetics, especially displayed in Seng Chui/Singapore. Armor form allows the terrakinetic to rip materials from around them into a functional suit of bio-morphic armor. This ranges from creating metal gauntlets out of armor, a shield out of a car part or a full suit of armor from structural concrete. 

Improvised Weapon - The terrakinetic can create weapons, such as swords from metal, or an axe made out of parapsychically reinforced glass. At the most advanced application of this power, the TK can create simple machines, such as spring loaded devices, or complex objects like chains, folding and unfolding constructs and so on.

Exotic and Rare Environmental Powers

The following powers exist, but are rare in the extreme (and I won't lie, they are really more the domain of villains, power gamers, and other game specific needs)

Gravikinesis - manipulating gravity to crush things, levitate things, fly, speed things up and slow them down

Magnetokinesis - controlling magnetic fields and magnetism by will alone. 

Temporalkinesis - manipulation of time/perception of time

Teleportation - I am loathe to use gamer's footprint but this power has too many chances to be abused compared to it's relative cost.

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