The Suit

The Metzen-Underwood Anti-Encounter (AE) Suit is a light environmental protection suit, and not power armor, or even regular armor protection. The suit is a flexible material that molds the wearer's body and is generally available in a two tone color pattern. Most are blue and grey, white and blue, or black and gray. The suit has several accessories that go with it.

Sloan Series SD6 Combat Helmet with mask

The SD6 is an excellent special ops light helmet. It provides limited head protection, but mounts a air purifier, rebreather, variable input optic displays (thermal, IR, and low light most common) and has short range communications built in. 

Keter-Tech backpack unit

The KT unit houses a dimensional cell battery, an optical difraction system, and room for roughly 1/4 the amount of gear that can be carried in a normal field pack. The KT unit is integrated into the soft part of the suit and when activated allows the wearer to bend light in such a fashion as to become invisible both in visible light and thermal imaging. 

Light Ballistic Vest

A ballistic vest capable of stopping small arms fire, and shrapnel. An optional piece of equipment, it does slightly interfere with the quality of the optical cloaking system.

Myomer Enhancement

The interior of the suit can be lined with sythetic muscle tissue, tapping into the D-Cell to provide the wearer with increased agility and stamina. Can also reduce fatigue with sustained use

The User

The Metzen-Underwood AE suit has a severely limiting factor to it's use. The optical cloaking system can only be activated or controlled by a functional and properly trained parapsychic. Thus, all of the Ghost Operatives who have donned Ghost suits are before any special gear is added, triple threats. They are parapsychics, they have special military training, and almost all have either special body enhancements or access to mind power boosting drugs.

The majority of ghost ops are artificial parapsychics. Their powers have been induced by conditioning (spiritual torture) and training (physical abuse) and many are controlled either through indoctrination, or brain behaviour implants. 

Typical User profile:

Male 65%, Female 35%

Social: Loner/Introvert

          Poor Economic background

          Criminal Record

Age: 17-25

Proficient Skills:

Hand to Hand Combat (all)

Martial Arts specific training (50%)

Parapsychic Martial Arts training (10%)

Reconnaissance and Surveillance


Small Arms


Computer Access/'hacking'

Drive/Pilot (90% Power Armor, 25% mecha, 5% aerospace craft)

Known Ghosts and Ghost Ops

'Acrobat' - still officially classified (assumed alive and still operational) Acrobat is the code name of a Ghost Op feared for it's use of an exotic energy rifle. This sniper has gained international infamy for killing several 'invulnerable' targets, the most notable being the Rogue General of the Red Hawk Brigade. Acrobat used it's rifle to kill the General while the General was piloting his battle mech. The transient energy round ignored the mech's armor and blew the general all over the inside of his cockpit.

'Fireblade' - status unknown, but Fireblade was a well known and highly profiled Ghost who was a skilled pyrokinetic and martial artist of some skill. Fireblade's reputation quickly grew around rapid infiltration and massive escalation of a conflict. The ghost would typically set up either a ranged missile strike, or time a discharge of an orbital weapon system to coincide with a certain point in its mission. The ghost would then use the carnage and often abundant fires and debris as weapons to eliminate survivors. Fireblade was primarily used in Shockwave Operations, where zero survivors were expected, and large amounts of collateral damage were part of the mission plan. Most Fireblade missions are masqued as accidental explosions, or other freak accidents.

'Tetanus' - a known retired Ghost, Tetanus was a premiere Ghost, moving inside of a secure facility and out, without anyone knowing he was there. Tetanus gained his name for the use of a pair of titanium stilettos he used to take out targets. Finding the small puncture wound at the base of the skull typically required the services of a competent coroner, or someone specifically looking for that type of wound. Tetanus' skill in stealth was such that the agent never carried a weapon on a mission.

'Judas' - Another known Ghost, Judas was a mole as well as a ghost, and would infiltrate a locale or organization to find it's weak points. When the time came to act, Judas would don the ghost suit and go to work, often using timed explosives, tipping off enemies of the organization, and orchestrating hostile exchanged between the target group and not just it's foes, but it's allies as well. Judas is a very capable sniper as well. Judas' identity was exposed a few years ago when a seemingly innocuous woman hung herself wearing Judas' ghost suit, the name written on it in the woman's blood. It is not 100% fact that Judas committed suicide, or appeared to commit suicide to escape service.

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Shockwave Ops

There are very few missions that involve Shockwave Ops. These are the Failure is a Not an Option, and the Ends Justify the Means. For the powers that be, this is bringing the full force to bear that they are able to. In the Cosmic Era this is truly impressive.

Space to Surface capital ordnance

Long range missiles

Arcanotech weapons

Hypertech Weapons

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Full Mecha brigades including heavy and assault machines

Psychoframe Power Armor

Black Ops

The end result of a Shockwave Operation is a charred wasteland of shattered wreckage and mangled bodies.