Full Item Description
A gray cloak that seems to have been made for a stunted humanoid, most likely a dwarf. The shoulders are broad and the length somewhat lacking.

When worn, it feels like laying on a pile of cold pebbles. In fact, you can now notice small stones all over the outside of the cloak. They seem to be magically held to the side of the cloak, yet still free-rolling.

The Cloak of Pebbles was created by dwarfs long ago as a method of quickly descending mountainsides and has since become popular among thrill-seeking children (Who now call it an Avalanche Sled). It is a simple enough enchantment for one in-tune with the way the earth slides, like a dwarf, but may prove more difficult for others.

Magic/Cursed Properties
A Cloak of Pebbles functions much like a piece of cloth (or anything else) on top of a mass of ball bearings. When you put your body just into the cloak and push off of something, have someone push you, or just have gravity pulling you down a slope, you will slide.

It also function as a minor protective device, shielding one from harsh impacts by absorbing a small amount of damage.

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