Full Item Description
The item can be any colour at all. It has a rough surface with swarms of air holes all over.

Its effect is not that it makes fire or helps it grow it is not even known how it works but once a fire is lit on this stone that fire will not go out if left completly undisturbed. When a fire is lit on a Charstone it will stay there stable forever not even affecting the Charstone in anyway. Of course if water is thrown on it or any deliberate attempt is made to stop the fire then the flame will go out.

And the flame will not grow on the stone so it is logical to pour some oil on it before lighting it. This is because the fire does not grow on the stone however the fire can be transfered to other objects just as well so a large fire is needed to start the light the charstone at first. The charstone can be used for torches in tombs, lanterns for adventurers or kept to light any that needs lighting. Through all this the Charstone will not be effected, in any physical manner.

However there is only a small quantity of stones (around 30) and the Stones are about the size of a lump of coal not to mention the fact that an accident could cause the fire to go out as well.

This stone was designed by a group of 3 young alchemists who made Charstones easily. They discovered a secret that made it simple to create them but they did not see how huge heaps of gold could be made from it. But you see they were part of an Alchemists guild and... well their teachers did see the money making potential of the Charstones. So they repossessed the young apprentices' work and passed it off as their own. While making a fortune it was not enough to satisfy their greed. They found that although they sized a large amount of stones they could not duplicate them as the secret, ingenious and probably simple principle was not put down in the student alchemists lab notes because it was the key to all their work. When doing calculations they wrote the symbol A as a repersentation of it. So the Master Alchemists went to the youths and were about to ask them for the secret of the Charstone when one of the youths refused and enraged at the greedy alchemists' nerve attacked....... foolishly, the Seniors over reacted and in the magical fire fight that followed two of the youths died and one was subdued. After refusing to say another word to the alchemists he was imprison in the dungeons below the guild hall of the alchemists.

His name was Inovus and there he remains refusing to reveal his secrets to the men that killed his best friends. All the while thinking about how to escape and get revenge. He has been imprisoned for three months already and the Alchemist are begining to think torture might bring them the riches that the secret Inovus holds might bring.

Magic/Cursed Properties
As stated above the Charstone sustains fire on it as long as it is not disturbed, by a gust of wind or water for example. If there is but one crack in the stone then it is usless.

The secret of the stone is as follows:
At first the fire burns the air and the oxygen within the air but also absorbs the air channeling it into the centre of the Charstone where a magical process takes place that recycles the air. The oxygen it then used again and again continually fueling the fire.

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