Magic can only legally be practiced within one area of the city, with the caveat that no spell effect can exceed the boundaries of the area. To do so invites either death OR stripping of one's powers.

Some people are considered innately magical so they can not leave the district without the magistrate's permission and a witchhunter guard.

The district gets its name by the good sized walls that are painted a bright blue that mark the magic district. There are blue lines painted parallel to the wall at each of the three district gates. Taking the Azure boundary to heart, many of the people who live in the area have taken to painting their roofs cobalt blue as well.

Inside the district, there are three areas.

Along the main roads, shops and shop fronts of a bizarre variety can be found. There are alchemists, spell sniffers, book sellers (mundane and otherwise), scolliers, fortune tellers, curse mongers, healers, pyrotechnics experts, professional spell casters, candle makers, mirror crafters, magic tinkers (using little spells to fix/ clean/ tweak things), talismongers, shops filled with strange and unusual (catering to the needs of the area) and a purveyor of exotic/ magical animal parts. There is also a shop that re-sells things from the main market, for those that will not leave the district. Several of the braver food carters make a daily journey to the district fountain plaza, to sell their wares quickly to the natives here.

In all the but the eastern section of the district are the homes of the magic folk. These homes all have an antique charm of an older district, but they have interesting elements that sometimes scare mundane neighbors. Magelight lamp posts, illusions in the windows, glyphs of power and alchemical symbols upon the walls, and odd paint colors are some of the more tame additions to the homes.

The eastern section , where there the gate has been blocked, is the less desirable section of the district. The homes are more rundown, and usually broken down to apartments. Some of the creatures live here and in the undertunnels (but within the azure district). Some are homeless, others haunt the few green areas there. There are a few pubs here, where brew and others entertainments can be found. While most blue folk won't mention it, but this is the area where you can 'know a guy, who knows a guy' who can get you dark and black magic spells, components, and items.

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