Helioglyph (his magical name) is a Talismonger, a maker of charms, talismans, holy items, and so on.

The shop is near the gate of Azure Wall. Like many stores and homes in the area, it is painted in bright colors and decorated with "mystical symbols". (Well what common folk call mystical symbols, alchemical shorthand, ancient languages, and the occasionally odd scribble). Common folk think these act as magical protection, but they are not. Since they are expected of "magical shops" and homes, Helioglyph has painted his sky blue house with "sun gold" trim and mystical symbols. He has a gold sun on his door. The shop is a two story affair, with the lower level being the shop and upper level where he and his eight non familiar cats have lived for the last twenty five years.

Helioglyph specializes in common magic items, things that gain power through the belief of everyone rather than mystical enchantment. Thus he sells rabbit feet, religious items, disks to ward off fey, and talismans inscribed with classic magic circles for protection, luck, and the occasional fertility. Other talismans are copies of tarot card or disks with mystic letters on them. Technically all these items do work, if the cosmic forces are alligned just right. They really need "charging" or minor enchantments to make them effective. Common people believe they are magical, but not so magical as to be dangerous, so it makes them happy to have them.

Helioglyph is an excellent silver and gold smith, and has been known to dabble in copper, iron, and the occasional jade work. His work is quite skilled and his work has an artisitc flair. Despite the stigma of coming from a "magical shop", many clerics in the region pick up finer emblems of their faith from the shop.

Helioglyph does do a "bit of enchanting" on the side, enchanting basic simple talismans. True luck/ fate charms (+1/-1), minor mystical resistance, skill bonuses, and so on. Anything stronger than would be enchanted by someone else (though he might of made the piece originally). He does sell certain things on consignment for others in the district.

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