Away From Table/Away Actions (select one or roll 1D100)

01-02 Aromatherapy
03-04 Betting against oneself at solitary card games
05-06 Birdwatching
07-08 Brushing up on some skill
09-10 Catching up on one's reading
11-12 Checking on things at home
13-14 Compiling pointless lists, random roll or otherwise
15-16 Complaining about the weather & the kids on your lawn
17-18 Cooking dinner
19-20 Corresponding with distant contacts
21-22 Designing a roleplaying game supplement
23-24 Digging furrows on the farm
25-26 Doing homework
27-28 Enjoying the time wasted
29-30 Exercising
31-32 Finding a quiet shady spot
33-34 Finishing editing one's novel
35-36 Getting some housework done
37-38 Hitting the town
39-40 In the bathroom
41-42 Maintaining arms & armour
43-44 Meditating
45-46 Missing in action
47-48 Napping
49-50 On a hot date
51-52 Personal time to work out some issues
53-54 Pointlessly wasting one's time
55-56 Playing dice or card games
57-58 Practicing one's new weapon
59-60 Research
61-62 Retail therapy
63-64 Rocking in a rocking chair
65-66 Rocking dangerously in a non-rocking chair
67-68 Sanding down dice for cheating purposes
69-70 Seeing the sights, somewhere else
71-72 Snacking
73-74 Soaking in a hot bath
75-76 Spending time with family
77-78 Staring off into space
79-80 Surfing
81-82 Doing work at one's place of business
83-84 Taking a break
85-86 Taking care of one's mount, pet, or other animals
87-88 Taking some time to be alone
89-90 Thinking about directions; wonder why you never have before
91-92 Up to no good
93-94 Walking about
95-96 Washing your hair
97-98 Watching the clouds go by
99-00 Working on some project

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