Special Equipment:

His demon axe is Zhorrsj, it has demon runes on it.
He also wiels a magickal sword that can fire fireballs.


Arrkrash is a big Demon from another dimension.
Hes wery dangourous. He has big red horns and a blue body.
His eyes are like red blood rubys.
he is wery tall and have big tusks.


He was summoned long ago by a wizard of tge Opus Dei organization. The wizard couldnt controll him so he killed him. Since then he has been haunting the earth looking for other wizards to kill.

Roleplaying Notes:

He is wery angry all the time and he hates all wizards since they allwant to enslave other demons.
He has the firewLL spell.
The greath black death spell.
The enourmpus awake the greatest demon spell.

The gm should be carull to use this npc in adventures since he is wery mighty.
He is suited to be the boss in the end of an campaign or something.

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