This is your traditional water wheel mill. It is a large grey painted building. Next to a river, its massive wooden wheel turns via the current, driving its large stone grinding stones. In goes the various grains, out comes flour and meal.

The miller and his family that lives here, in a building adjacent to the mill, inherited it from the last of the original family, after the New Miller (and he is called the New Miller in these parts, even though he has been doing it for twenty three years now) had fallen on some hard times and his mill had been destroyed.

The Mill has some features that make it unique. It has a number of 'priest holes', places where a person can be hidden and not found during a search. There is also a tunnel under the great wheel. The narrow winding stairs lead down to a small tunnel that leads to the caves in the hills a mile or two away.

The Mill has forever been part of underground trails, smuggling out and protecting those whos religion or blood line has fallen out of favor in The Land. The New Miller was one of those. He was actually escaping on foot, not following the underground trail, when he lucked upon the Mill. The Old Miller, dying of wounds endured while helping others escape, entrusted him with the mill's secrets and deed. The New Miller seems upright and beyond approach, yet deep in the night... he helps those who need to escape oppression.

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