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January 15, 2006, 2:20 pm

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Acorn of the Honorable Whiskered Emissary


The Acorn of the Honorable Whiskered Emissary was grown on a magical oak by the famous druid, Kuwusa. It gives one a very interesting bond with rodents…

In the old days of heroes and glory, there was a great druid named Kuwusa, who was, in his time, as well known as the mighty Golden Pinions Youhei. He was the keeper of a grove of ancient and mighty oaks in the center of the Forest of Sadjak-To. Many of these trees were magical, and Kuwusa grew many enchanted items upon these trees. One of these items was the Acorn of the Honorable Whiskered Emmisary.

The Acorn is a large acorn, black with an iridescent sheen. It is hung by the stem upon a small chain of silver. It has changed hands many, many times since the death of Kuwusa, and is currently owned by a Voolazi merchant named Pogu Umbasai.

Magical Properties:

When worn around the neck, the Acorn of the Honorable Whiskered Emissary allows one to communicate with and charm rodents. The bearer of the Acorn can make his spirit leave his body to ride a rodent, seeing what it sees and learning anything that it learns. Over time, rodents will be drawn to the wearer of Acorn, and the wearer will in turn find itself drawn to rodents.

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Comments ( 12 )
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Voted Dragon Lord
November 11, 2005, 9:28
OK, why not?

A magical acorn that attracts rodents - I can see that

Question: Would the current owner be a focus for all the rats in the city?
Now there's a scenario waiting to happen if ever I saw one

Definitely a candidate for the wish I'd thought of that award - so 4.5 / 5
Voted MoonHunter
January 15, 2006, 14:21
Not nearly as interesting as Dragon Lord makes it come out.
January 15, 2006, 17:12
Fine with me.
Voted Ancient Gamer
January 15, 2006, 17:20
Well, I thought it was kinda cute. How often do we get to see cute CP stuff anyhow? Bonus 0.5 for the acorn tree, which I think was a great idea.
Ancient Gamer
January 16, 2007, 7:23
:) Acorn Tree...

On the "wings of my imagination" I got another idea while reading this... Reading it again, I see that your item did not contain that idea.

Still cute :)
Voted Iain
January 15, 2007, 3:44
Never voted on this, despite using it in a campaign to much amusement of the players, including many embarrassing moments for the PC in question but ultimately allowing the group to avoid a TPK (it let them speak to and thus negotiate with the giant rats attacking them). My group voted it the best magical artifact of the campaign, despite it being probably the weakest.

So, three cheers for Captain P!
Voted manfred
January 15, 2007, 5:16
It is cute, and as Iain shows, it always depends more on what people make of an item, rather than what kewl powers it sports.

Just neat.
Voted Cheka Man
January 15, 2007, 17:04
Only voted
January 15, 2007, 20:51
Most certainly not my greatest work, by any stretch of the imagination
January 16, 2007, 3:01
11 votes with an average of 4.045 says that it's still pretty good though! It's simple, but it's usable, funny, nicely presented and odd enough that for me (and I suspect most others) we'd never have thought of it ourselves.
Voted tinypoisonousfish
January 9, 2010, 22:07
I'll give it a high vote because of its simplicity yet I and others already can see uses for it in their game. Bump for justice.
Voted valadaar
June 15, 2013, 23:04
A perfect item for a young druid or magic user. Simple, not overpowering. I like it.

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