Full Item Description
It appears to be a very nice holy book of the dominant good faith, the kind that his passed down from generation to generation. The binding is leather and quite plain, but the inside is nicely scribed and occasionally illuminated.

See Magic Properties. If it is a family book, then someone in your family tree is not what they seem to be. If it is of someone else's family, they have the dark knot in the family tree.

Magic/Cursed Properties
However, if read under moonlight, something else appears. MoonInk is present. The Ink/Paint dries to be totally clear and almost unnoticable. Under moonlight, it comes forth as a silver ink. While used for Elven Art, it has other less pleasant purposes.

In this case, an Evil Grimoire is enscribed in the holy book. This grimoire has been passed down through several generations of apprentice and master. It has many ancient and powerful spells that have been thought lost. In addition to spells, it has information on a number of cults including contact points. The controller of this book could barter these spells and information for the services of many evil cults.

Of course, many Evil Cults, once they figure out where the book is, will do anything to get it. Anything. And remember, as the owner, you might be caught in the cross fire between these cults.

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