Full Item Description

It appears to be watery grey ink with silver flecks in it. While normally kept in a small artistically designed container, it can be kept in any ink bottle (or suitably sealable container).

Magic/Cursed Properties

This alchemical ink is surprising easy to make, though the creation process does have some tricky parts (higher difficulty than standard to make). It requires no "extra special" components. The Ink/Paint dries to be totally clear and almost unnoticable. Under moonlight, it becomes visible as a shining silver ink.


This product has been discovered, lost, found, and recreated any number of times throughout history. The current theory was that it was first created by Elven hands. However, alchemists since had found the process and created it. The Elven folks used the ink as a paint, to enhance any number of artistic pieces. When viewed under moonlight, the Inked spots help create an enhanced effect or sometimes change the tone of the piece completely. The best known is example is The Forest Gate of Saladvaratha. The animals carved and painted on the gate express the natural harmony. When viewed under moonlight, the tone of the gate changes to one of wild savagery as silvered claws, fangs, wounds, and wild eyes come to the fore.

While Humanity has used it for artistic purposes, that is rare. It became commonly known to the world thanks to the byzantine Davians who used it for various intrigues.

It is used by espionage types to produce secret messages. While the trick is known, it is not always checked. Often times the message will have another message in regular ink written over it. Sometimes the MoonInk is used to enhance certain words and letters, creating a coded message.

Nobles use the same concept for hidden plots and secret love letters.

Diabolical cultists use the ink to write their spell books (usually in books of holy texts, to throw off people reading it). A Holy Book - 1

The Church of the Moon makes great used of MoonInk. Most of their high holy texts are written in MoonInk, both for effect and because the silver ink glows slightly in the moonlight and is easy to read in the night.

While they gave Humanity the most secretive uses of MoonInk, the Davians also did quite a number of craft and artistic uses as well. Tombstones were often painted with it, so they could be read in the dark and have an artistic flourish. Special pavement stones were made for garden parties, to direct party goers safely. The Davians could also make a MoonDye. Given their love for tapestries, they were woven in to create secondary patterns in the moonlight. MoonDyed threads were also used in courtly garments especially for evening events that were outdoors like the Fall Night celebration.

Last Note
There is a non magical version of the ink that is made by Elven Alchemists. It is an ink only visible by those with "star eyes" (ultraviolet vision) like the Elven. Sometimes the two inks are mixed together (with no ill effect) so a Star Eyed person can read the message day or night.

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