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April 13, 2008, 2:40 am

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Made of demons blood, reading anything touched by this foul substance can lead one to corruption and damnation.

I wrote this all up and was almost done and lost it all…ahhhhHHH so these are the notes of what I wrote before…

I will finish it sometime.

Full Item Description
It appears to be darker than black ink with red flecks in it. While normally kept in a small artistically designed container, it can be kept in any ink bottle (or suitably sealable container).

The Ink makes an impact upon any reader. Subliminal impact. 

The Ink/Paint dries to be totally clear and almost unnoticable.

So how is it used?  If someone views it, the written words impact upon them. If they read something on the page, with the shadow ink written over it, the shadowed message is made with greater impact.

What do you do with this?
The classic is to write dark sutras, passages from fell bibles, and other dark texts. This will lead them down the path of Evil, corrupting them into the fold of Evil.

The current use is suggestion:
The person viewing the shadowed words become inclined to follow those suggestions.

There are two sources of Shadowink

The alchemical process to make this demonic ink is near impossible, requiring intense technique and the ichor of three demons.

Normally the ink is given as part of a dark pact. Think Gift with purchase. they are seldom the primary part of the pact. The demons are amazed at human flexability. o the human involved can corrupt souls to pay off their side of the bargin.

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