Taverns in a medieval world are a purely fantastical notion - they didn't have them then, and they don't even have that many now! Still, taverns remain some of the most fun places to write about in a campaign setting or fantasy world. Each tavern has its own story, its own patrons, its own atmosphere. From a richly decorated tavern in the center of a merchant city to a soot-blackened dice house in the slums of a ghetto, a tavern represents a great starting point for quests, or simply a place to rest for adventurers on the move. Here is a list of around one hundred tavern names to use in your campaign. Some of them have been written about, others are a blank canvas. Whatever your campaign, I think you'll find some use for this bunch of grog-holes.

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Good Taverns

Good taverns are taverns known for an exceptional quality of food or ambience, or taverns that are simply very respectable. They will usually cost more, but will be safer, cleaner, and much more pleasant than your average soup shack.

The Dockmaster's Tavern

The Stowaway Inn

The Traveler's Notch

The Unempty Mug

The Red Homununch

The Flaming Wand

The Jasper Otter

Inn Harm's Way

The Ogre-Door Tabernacle

The Riverman's Nestledown

Hearty Wines and Aged Soups Inn

Everyman's Wish Tavern

The Rich Peasant and Poor Landlord Inn and Tavern

The Poisoned Meat

The Salty Tusk

The Inn and Out Inn

The Minstrel's Dance

The Butterhouse Tavern

The Fireside Newt

The Pocked Pocket Inn

The Bard's Trousers

The Cob Web

Standard Taverns

Standard taverns are neither known for their good food nor their violent atmosphere - they are simply standard places to knock down some grog and flop on a sack. They can be found in all sorts of cities and towns.

The Bottomless Cauldron

The Steward's Hatch

The Port Crevice

The Poor Merchant's Inn

The Tanger Serpent Tavern

The Silver Sword Inn

The Clay Platters

The Dirty Sack Flophouse

The Footsore Wanderer

The Rusty Cog Inn

The Patched Robe

The Scrolls of Welcoming

The Tangled Vine Tavern

The Hearth and Road Inn

The Bard's Tale Tavern

The Cellar-Keg

The Slurred Speech Tavern

The Salt Merchant Inn

The Pewter Mug

The Flying Flute Tavern

The First and Last Tavern

Bad Taverns

Bad taverns are any taverns that are either run-down and dirty, violent and coarse, or owned by or used for criminal enterprises. This section is divided into subsections, to illustrate the nature of the tavern. While many taverns fall into several categories (A dirty, violent criminal gambling den), I have placed the taverns in the ones that correspond best to them. Since they are just names, you can switch them around as you like; I just categorized them to give you an idea of how I imagined them.

Dirty/Violent Taverns -

The Rat's Daggers

The Wharf Rat

The Drunken Sailor

The Galleon-Hole

The Patched Paw

The Running King

The Servant's Last Dance

The Fried Fingers Inn

The Rock Bunk Tavern

The Black Barnacle

The Moldy Eye

The Bloody Tooth and Broken Bone Tavern

The Swordhole

The Dead Prince Tavern

The Hag's Pot Inn

The Bloody Body

Gambling Dens/Houses of Ill Repute/Criminal Taverns -

The Queen's Robes

The Black Flagon

The Merchant's Last Coin

The Last Wish Forgotten Tavern

The Spider's Nest

Good The Hare's Hair

Oztrmo's Den

The Once-Proud Goose

The Yawning Rabbit

Wayfinder's Rest

Bad Scorfil's Ale & Fryes

The Harpey's Kettle

The Cockatryce Egg

Sleemy's Second Home

The Braze'n'Bold

Standard House of Pots

The Cracked Hoof

Dragonwink's Pub

The Come on Inn

The Fearless Flumph

The Rotten Bastard - a bad tavern

I tend to classify inns & taverns using the five-star rating system. It's fairly easy to use as a quick guide to the quality of a particular inn or tavern, with 1-star ratings used for bottom of the barrel, run down dives and criminal establishments, 3-star ratings used for average, run-of-the-mill locales, and 5-star ratings for elite, exclusive facilities.

Hero Den; Braera, proprietor. Two star dining club.

The Lawful Sanctum; Dagpyr, proprietor. Four star tavern.

The Bastard Sword; Malpastas, proprietor. Three star cafeteria.

The Ravens Scythe. One star alehouse.

The Fresh Flask; Damarira, proprietor. Four star nightclub.

The Rude Feasting Hall; Aryayth, proprietor. Three stars.

The Dart & Dress; Odina, proprietor. Three star tavern.

The Stone & Glove. Two star tavern.

The Blade. Five star alehouse.

The Avenging Poignard. One star restaurant.

The Furious Mug; Aryrya, proprietor. One star tavern.

Ye Olde Hairy Jack. Four star bistro.

Ye Olde Bone; Athavyr, proprietor. One star tavern.

The Bludgeoning Keg. Five star tavern.

The Unforgettable King. Five star cabaret.

The Gate. One star tavern.

Highwayman House; Arynyr, proprietor. Four star tavern.

The Reveling Wench. Three star bar.

The Royal Beerhall. Two stars.

The Swallows Throne. Two star cabaret.

The Bright Gladiator; Yarrath, proprietor. Five star tavern.

The Monkeys Chain. Three star grill.

I like tavern names that are drinking puns. Here's two I'm particularly proud of:

The Hammered Anvil

The Wasted Space

The Black Hangover- Infamous for selling a home-brewed ale that will temporarily blind a man during the following hangover.

The Blue Lagoon - A real wet bar, actually built in and on a small lagoon. The bar proper is a raft and the tables are tethered docks. It's mostly all show, and the drinks are quite poor for the price.

The Quartermaster - Established by a retired captain of His Majesty's Army, this tavern is frequented by military veterans and soldiers on leave. Talk is often political, sometimes heated, though fights are relatively rare under the old captain's strict orders.

The Stoned Philosopher - A political club under the guise of a trendy bar. Fairly bourgeois, stocked more with finer-drinking liqueurs than working class ale. Philosophical discussions groups meet regularly as though at a salon, but are curious of foreigners and happily take on anyone wanting to talk.