1. - H.H. Gilmartin
A respectable seeming and industrious man, Gilmartin sits among the Guildmasters of the Hostelers' Guild. He is known for his black hat, long mustache and penchant for wearing a monocle. However, he is much less known for his secret and merciless hobby of kidnapping and murdering guests who stay in his Inn. His preferred victims are comely young lasses, but he will slowly torture and murder anyone he deems attractive enough for his tastes.

2. - Baron Hain Draadnagel
Dressed in a stiff woolen tunic decorated with gold epaulets and various medals of battle, the Baron is a striking figure. Getting on in his later years he is seldom seen without his companion hunting hound. The Baron's goals are simple, he desires more wealth, power and influence, but he lacks the conviction to actively pursue these gains. Instead he engages in cloak and dagger activities. Unfortunately, his attempts are poor, as the Baron has no experience being subtle.

3. - Briar Menoth
Menoth, more commonly known as Briar Menoth, or just Mother Briar is not what one expects of a villain. Seemingly a calm and placid older country woman, Menoth is actually a greater demon that has be divested of a greater part of it's vile powers. Until it can regain it's lost might the demon hides in a shell of stolen human flesh and plots. This hidden avatar of evil provides information to evil mages, thieve's dens, and any other sort of evil that will increase it's power and influence.

4. - The Big Boss
An obese 350 pounds and sweating inside stark white court attire, the Big Boss is the most powerful of the Thief Lords. While most guilds are run by an assortment of guildmasters, with a degree of democracy and cults of personality, the Big Boss rules with an iron fist. The city has no formal guild, instead all of the burglars, thieves, beggars, con-men, and cut-purses have been forced to swear fealty to the Big Boss. Despite his criminal activities and habit of petting his nefarious pet weasel, the Boss despises illicit drugs and his gangs will remove those who try to set up shop in his city. His desires are basic, more money, more power, more respect.

5. - Nix Tyrannus
Once a prominent and near genius alchemist and practitioner of Pnathic sorcery, Nix was almost slain by one of his own sorcerous experiments. Instead of perishing, he was turned into an imperfect fusion of man and reptile. His body is thick and covered with iron hard scales, his fingers and toes end in thick black claws. He retains a general humanoid form and his human intelligence, but his appetite and temper are purely reptilian. His mastery of Pnathsis is exemplary and he has a host of similar beast-men as servant slaves, his real desire is to restore himself to his human form. This is now compounded by his increased reptilian rage and instinctive hatred of soft, pink, furry humanity. Only fit for eating...

6. - Kriegor, Lord of the Wastes
A frightening figure seemingly cut from nightmares, Lord Kriegor is a Demon-Souled, a human sorcerer who battled a demon, defeated it, and then consumed it's tainted essence. Remaining a human, Kriegor now has demonic powers, immortality and increased magical powers. Mounted atop a night black stallion, he himself has black wings, a crown of blood red horns and loves to wade into combat with his gore stained war cleaver. He only uses spells in combat when his normal weapons seem to fail, or the battle seems to be boring to him. His ultimate goal is domination, and destruction as far as he can see. He is completely nihilistic now.

7. - Lord Hiss
Some men drape their evil deeds beneath facades of just and noble causes. As a warlord among the Knights of the Shroud, Lord Hiss makes no bones about hiding his intentions. He means to have absolute power, by any means necessary. His armor is inlaid with brass, and a serpent of gold coils on his battle standard and his cloak. Despite his staggering bravado, he is cautious to the point of cowardice and is always looking for a scheme or a plan that will net him great returns with minimal risk.

8. Galor, son of Hordak
The son of a mighty sorcerer, Galor was deemed for greatness until his father's kingdom lost it's war and his father was exiled through a magic gateway. Since then, Galor has worked to restore his father's fallen kingdom, reclaiming the old capital and the brigand and bandit forces that had encamped there after the heroes returned home to celebrate. clad in sorcerer's attire and bearing a skeletal staff, Galor is best known for the bone mask he wears, a symbol of the fear he intends to instill in his foes. Despite his brilliance and magical power, Galor suffers from bouts of severe dementia and is violently paranoid. The blood of Hordak is painfully inbred, giving rise to Galor's madness.

9. - Lady Lynn Argent
Calm and seductive, the Lady Lynn is an evil sorceress who is most often found at the side of the primary villain. Clad in a risque suit of silver plate armor that reveals as much flesh as protects it, she is a panacea for the insanity of the mad genius. Her own fortunes fallen, she plans to prop up a new master and to ride on his coattails back to greatness and power.

10. - Spectra the Diamond Queen
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, as the sales pitch goes, and Spectra would certainly agree. A greed ridden noble and sorceress, Spectra collects diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Invariably these stones are enchanted with a variety of magic spells, or are ensorceled to enhance her already potent spell casting powers. Her favorite spell to use is to suck a person's spirit into a diamond, leaving their body as a still living but grey and listless near-zombie.

11. - Dame Pantheress
A tall and svelte but jealous beauty, the Dame of Panthers is a wicked and hateful woman. Scorned years ago by the Crown-Prince of the Kingdom she has since turned her attention to revenge ten-fold. To this end she has gathered a cadre of bestial allies, mastered the shapeshifting art, and is a competent sorceress. The Dame of Panthers is easily goaded, and when taunted she assumes the form of a psychotically muscled she-panther. Though not afraid of close combat, she lacks a strong sense of tactical logic.

12. - The Sorcerer Sky Shadow
Once a dangerous inmate locked in one of the Kingdom's darkest and most secure prisons, the man who would become Sky Shadow made a pact with an extra-planar horror and gained his magical powers. With his newfound might, Sky Shadow turned the prison into his lair with the convicts as his press ganged henchmen. His moniker comes from the giant bat he summons with magic when he has the need to travel. One day, his horrific master will return to claim Sky Shadow and when the time comes, the Sorcerer plans to be ready with a heady offering of sacrificial souls and other offerings drawn from his growing cancerous kingdom.

13. - Garg the Lame
A petty and timeworn wizard, Garg was once the stereotypical villain in his younger days. Now his back is stiff, his head liver spotted and bald, and his cat familiar is half deaf and blind to boot. Largely confined to his chair, Garg is still a shrewd planner but lacks confidence in anyone but himself. Occassionally harassed by do-gooders, Garg is more a grandfather/mentor type for up and coming black mages and villains in the wings.

14. The Assassin
Missing one eye, the Assassin is a man of impressive education as well as skill with a large variety of weapons. Methodical and thorough he seldom makes mistakes and when he does they are hardly glaring errors. Beneath the facade of resilient armor and whirling blades is a man who has lost more than one person should be forced to loose. As such, his only salvation comes from his ability to loose himself in his training as well as persuing his goals of gaining power. Yet in the end, this is solely for the purpose of distracting him from the things missing in his life.

15. - Wahankh the Eternal
Once a mortal sorcerer who attempted to overthrow the King, Wahankh was imprisoned in a stone vessel and buried as punishment. The world quaked in terror when the stone vessel rose as the capstone of a black monolith with a withered and painfully undead Wahankh standing at it's zenith. Infused with the powers of the ancient spirits of the dead and the evil, he has a large arsenal of arcane and clerical spells at his command. Bordering on nihilism, Wahankh now desires to see the Kingdom that ordered his imprisonment brought low and her people slaughtered or enslaved.

16. - General Megus
Tall, broad shouldered, and having a natural air of command. Megus is at home on the field of battle. Once a loyal subject of the king, Megus was a patriot and nationalist at heart. When the King started making concession to bordering states and minorities within the kingdom, Megus was offended. Rather than let the King destroy the Kingdom with his strange and progressive ideas, Megus rallied the military and staged a violent coup. Megus now has the upper hand in the kingdom, but the King and his Royalists remain a thorn in his side and before Megus can embark of campaign to expand the kingdom, he must annihilate the king and his supporters.

17. - Üstökös the Prophet of the Comet
A sage in a previous occupation, Üstökös witnessed the Omen of Fire as more than just a cosmic event or end of the world harbinger. Seeing the atavistic response to the fear of the comet, he desired to invoke the same fear in others. Abrasive, egotistical, and bloated with stolen power he appears as a senior lieutenant to a primary villain. Once the primary villain has achieved most of the difficult goals, Üstökös will step up as the kingslayer to overthrow the primary villain and take his place.

18. - Emperor Daibazaal
An absolutist leader, Emperor Daibazaal claims the throne of a large kingdom that he hewed out of the various provinces and principalities that once existed. Empires demand expansion, and Daibazaal is willing to expand. to this end he has amassed large armies, both of Imperial troops, provisional levies, and entire regiments of mercenary soldiers. So far, all of his victories have not come from military genius, magical powers or supernatural abilities. Instead he generally wins battles by outnumbering the enemy by margins of 10 to 1 or greater.

19. - Artificer Bezrobotna
An obese man dedicated to artifice and golem making, Bezrobotna is a chronic hermit and hater of mankind. He has a utopian vision of a world unsullied by man's pollution, excess, and endless noise. Bezrobotna has built a large number of golems and other artifact creatures for the sole purpose of removing the Human Stain from the world and leaving it a cleaner and better place. Of course, his creations require raw materials and in the process his endeavors leave behind denuded forests, stinking strip mines, and smoldering ruins.

20. - Guildmaster Rancid von Shingles
to most people and animals, plants exist solely to be consumed by other creatures. How offended they become when a vegetable turns the table and takes a bite out of them. Von Shingles desires to take over the world, as any good villain would. His method is the use of aggressive carnivorous plants that he has grown with his own alchemical solutions and green magic.

21. Herr Gorganzoll
A recent appearance in the ranks of the Guild Merchants, Herr Gorganzoll is cunning, commanding, and morbidly obese. Despite his recent arrival, he is elbows deep in the Black Market as well as represented in various guild interests. In truth, Gorganzoll is an aggressive member of the merfolk race and is using information and gold garnered from sunken wrecks to finance his plans. Rather than deplete the resources of the ocean, Gorganzoll and his allies have decided to rape the dry land for all it's worth and take the booty back to the sea...where it belongs.

22. High Lord Papillus
Appearing as a bloated and uncomfortable man (think Baron Vladimir Harkonnen) the High Lord delights in war, slavery, and murder. Even more frightening is his public penchant for cannibalism, though all of his official meals are executed criminals. The truth is far more sinister. Far from being a cannibal, Papillus is a polymorphed Slaad. Being a toad-like demonic creature, Papillus is almost on vacation, gorging on human flesh and inciting as much violence and bloodshed as he can. Once the Slaad ruled the world as humans do, and perhaps one day they will again.

23. The Sultan of the Dark
The haint since escaped from Chiaroscuro, the Sultan of the dark aspires to become a complete shadow-demon. To this end it desires to collect objects of tenebrous might and consume their essence as well as fostering a cadre of shadowmancers to tap into their power as well. If the Haint succeeds and becomes a shadow demon, his half-life will be ended and he will become a greater threat, along with his newly empowered shadow-slaves.

24. - Master Dav Laxar
Calm, handsome, even tempered, wealthy, and well connected Dav doesn't fit into the standard mad villain mold precisely because he is isn't mad. Shrewd, he lays his plans not on schemes, crackpot inventions, or desperate chases after magical dinguses. Instead he has loyal men, loyal to him not to coins or the greater cause of evil, as well as his money and his social connections. A Machiavellian manipulator and natural speaker, Laxar should be a threat to be taken very seriously, as he will not divulge his plans to captured foes, nor will he let them languish in prison cells to escape.

25. Captain Blight
Commander of the fearsome warship Maelstrom, Capn Blight is a beast of a man with a heavily scarred face and a blood thirsty crew of pirates and scallywags. Unlike most such men, Blight is backed by an island nation bent on world domination. To this end Blight and the Maelstrom along with other smaller and less impressive ships of war spread the flag of their militaristic island nation. The Captain's most potent weapon is a casque that causes the water around a ship to turn into a thick slime like consistancy. Once a ship is so mired it is easy prey for the Maelstrom's heavy weapons and boarding attacks.

26. Judicator Parvo
Vain, arrogant, egotistical and catty are all terms that describe Judicator Parvo. How such a vicious and petty man ascended to the rank of Judicator is a mystery but there is no doubt that his misuses of power, naked ambition, and nasty disposition are genuine. A devout cat lover, the Judicator nurses a strong hatred towards dogs of any stripe and will have them killed as often as he can possibly get away with. Most of his villainous powers come from hireling and underlings who are either ambivalent to his methods or share an interest in being his allies.

27. Queen Beriru
A magnificently beautiful elfin sorceress, Beriru for a time stood as the next to inherit the tiara of the Elven Queen. Yet she was undone for her love of a mortal man and her desire for power. When she rebelled against the elves and tried to elope with her lover, Beriru was banished to a realm of darkness and entropy. Rather than perishing, the Elf fought and destroyed monsters and raised herself to being a queen of that hellish realm. now in command, she seeks to cross back into the material world and visit punishment on the elven knights and magi who banished her as well as finding the reincarnation of her human lover.

28. Pontifex Tarsal
once a mortal sorcerer, Tarsal captured a massive chunk of demon jade that changed him. filled with the necrotic essence spilling from the four pound stone, Tarsal was transformed into a half living half dead skeleton covered in withered flesh and papery skin. Combining his mortal sorcery with undead immunities, Tarsal has become a powerful foe. His lead henchmen have also been exposed to the demon jade and have also been turned into intelligent and resilient skeletons.

29. The Baron of Blades
A tall and arrogant man, the Baron of Blades is a self-proclaimed master of every weapon that has a slashing and thrusting edge. To this end he has special body armor that is decked out in shredding blades, punching tines, as well as carrying four to six swords at a time. While not a big time nemesis, the Baron has a cadre of fighters and thieves at his call. This clan of elusive warriors move into an area and wipe out the existant thieves guilds with deadly force and intimidation.

30. Boktor Ganger
Head of the villainous Clan Steen organization, Boktor Ganger is a master of disguise and polymorphing magics. His most insidious power is his soul-eating-technique where he draws out the soul of a defeated enemy and consumes it. Once a soul is bound, Ganger can assume it's mortal appearance at will as well as use any powers had by the soul in question, save for clerical powers. Always hungry for more powerful forms and assured immortality, Ganger is working to the point where he thinks his power can be used on a god. Until then, the PCs are fair game.

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