Special Equipment:


Lady Dracia Eldren is in her early fifties with grey hair and a long coat of the same colour.Underneath she wears a shirt of dark blue silk and a dress of blue cotton.She carries a switch in a scabbard at her side which she is an expert in using.

She is a very strict woman who tolerates no nonsense.


Lady Dracia Eldren was brought up in a very noble and cultured household and was taught from a young age that discipline was all important in a Lady. She then became a Teacher of Manners and was paid very well by the nobles of various Kingdoms and Queendoms to teach their daughters how to behave.

Disobedince was punished with the switch,and long practise enabled her to cause stinging pain with it without leaving any welts or other marks. More serious disobedience and swearing was punished by binding and gagging, but she was very careful to do nothing that would cause serious physical harm.

When Princess Chrysta of the city-state of Vallermoore committed suicide and her mother, Queen Yocasta, refused to accept it and threatened a purge of her administration, a replacement princess had to be found. A secret Princess Training School was founded and the royal guards began abducting the daughters of the middle class who looked like the dead princess.

Dracia Eldren was hired to force these girls to behave, in word and deed, like Princess Chrysta behaved when alive, beating their individualty out of them, stripping them of their names, threatening and brainwashing them,punishing them for minor infractions, and then having them sent one by one to their *mother's* side, so that Queen Yocasta would think that she had her daughter and that everything was fine.

Once in the Royal Court, any attempt to escape or behave differently to Princess Chyrsta, resulted in the girl's murder, and the body was shown by Dracia to the next luckless girl who had to take on the role.

Roleplaying Notes:

Whilst Lady Dracia has never publicly been seen to use magic, it is likely that she knows at least a couple of self-defence spells, and she can use her switch to disarm a PC if the PC is not careful.

The Princess Chrysta desciribed here is NOT the same Princess Chrysta that is in the carecter list, it is another one. Also, thank you ScorpionJinx for helping me with this carecter.

Hooks...The daughter of a diplomat has vanished and he offers the PCs a big reward to find her...

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