1-The Captain

A sailor for thirty years, he worked his way up through the ranks, and so, whilst a stern disciplinarian, he genuinely cares for the lives of his crew. He has sailed in every major ocean and knows all kinds of things about the sea. He hates ordering and witnessing floggings, but he believes that it is the only way to make sure his crew behave themselves and knuckle down. Most of the crew respect him although they don't exactly like him much.

2-The Boson

Twenty years at sea, he is a bit of a Captain Bligh type, with a low tolerance for slackers, those who disobey orders and landsmen. Quick to punish with the rope's end, and disliked by most of the crew.

3-The Superstitious

This sailor is good at his job but he believes in all the tales of the sea. When not on duty or asleep in his hammock, he can often be found below decks telling scary stories of ghost ships, malicious Mermaids, Giant Krakens and huge whirlpools. Most of his fellow crewmembers like him and find his tales entertaining, but one or two of them get scared at times. He rarely smiles.

4-The Don Juan

This sailor is one of those with a 'girl in every port'. As soon as he gets leave, he is on his way to find females. He is always polite and kind to them until they fall in love with him and let him have sex with them. Then one night he creeps out of bed, and by the time the girl wakes up, her loved one is sailing out of the port. He has no shame and enjoys telling the other members of the crew about his sex life, and many of them envy him. He was once tied to the mast and given fifteen lashes for trying to smuggle a girlfriend on board dressed up as a male.

5-The Pressed Man

This sailor is the only one on board who would much rather not be there at all. He was kidnapped after a rival in love who wanted him out of the way paid the Captain a hefty sum. He is seasick frequently, hates the sea, dislikes most of the crew and has been flogged twice, and only the threat of the cat-o-nine-tails or worse keeps him doing his duties. At night he often weeps quietly, missing his loved one and his life at home on land. His only friend amongst the crew is the Would Be Mutineer.

6-The Would Be Mutineer.

On the surface he is a good & well behaved man who only once got into trouble for stealing the Captain's fruit from his cabin, for which he was punished with twenty-five lashes and a week's stoppage of pay. However, secretly he hates the Captain bitterly for ordering him flogged and the Boson for doing it, too the point where he wishes he could lead a mutiny, have both men killed and thrown overboard, and start a new life as a pirate.

He is well aware of the penalty for mutiny, hanging from the yardarm, and he knows that most of the crew like or at least respect the Captain, so he is very careful whom he will confide in. So far he has only persuaded the Pressed Man to join him by promising him his freedom afterwards, but he knows he needs at least nine more men to join him before he can start his well-planned mutiny.

7-The Hero

This man never complains even when the going is at his roughest, always seems to be cheerful, always does whatever he is told and has contempt for the weather. He is one of the few crew members that is a firm friend of the Boson and the Thrill Seeker. The Would Be Mutineer dislikes him, as he knows that he knows that he would never agree to become a mutineer and pirate as that would go against his nature. He despises the Drunkard, dislikes the Pressed Man and does not think much of the Gambler.

8-The Musician

This man was a good sailor and enjoyed his job greatly until during a storm he fell from the rigging and broke his ankle. The Surgeon managed to splint it but it got infected and had to be sawed off to save his life and replaced by a wooden one. Unable to climb the rigging anymore, he begged to be allowed to stay on, and has he was good and singing and playing instruments became the ship's Musician. He's a friendly outgoing person and most of the crew like him.

9-The Ambitious

This man tries hard at everything because he wants the Captain and the Boson to like him. He dreams of one day being a Captain in his own right and longs for promotion, but several of his fellow crew dislike him as they see him as making them look lazy compared to him. The Would Be Mutineer is thinking about trying to get him to join in a mutiny by promising to make him his second in command.

10-The Gambler

This man is very good at gambling and is not popular with those who have lost part of their pay to him. There are those who suspect him of cheating, but they can't prove it and he is ready to start a brawl with anybody, no matter how tough, who dares to accuse him. He worships a goddess of luck and has a small idol of her by his hammock.

11-The Surgeon

One of those few who almost everyone likes, he is hardworking, skilled and trusted, and always does the best he can. The Musician has a grudge against him as he thinks that he did not try hard enough to save his leg.

13-The Murderer

This man has a secret-he joined the crew to escape justice after murdering his boss after he got sacked from his earlier job. He lives in fear that one day he will be found out and handed back to face a trial for his life and a hanging if convicted. If the Would Be Mutineer ever found this out he would try and get him to help him in his mutiny.

14-The Jonah

Small unlucky things happen to him. He trips over ropes, he farts at exactly the wrong time, he is the one in the lookout's tower when a hurricane comes ect. The Superstitious greatly dislikes him and wants him put ashore.

15-The Drunken Sailor

Not an alcoholic as such but if he starts drinking alcohol he often does not know when to stop and becomes drunk, unruly and dangerous. The Captain has banned him from drinking alcohol on board ship, but he often goes to the taverns when on leave in port. He was flogged once for being drunk on duty.

16-The Brawler

On ship, a very good seaman and popular with the crew. In port, he starts fights in taverns for the fun of it. He has a knife scar across one cheek. The Murderer fears that the Brawler might kill somebody one day.

17-The Sea Master

This man knows all the magical spells that help to keep a ship safer. He uses his magic sparingly, just in case anything goes wrong. In an emergency, he is the person who the Captain turns to.

18-The Trickster

A joker who likes playing all sorts of jolly and not so jolly japes. Some are funny, like the time he tricked someone in a tavern into asking if anyone had seen 'Mike Rotch.' Others are very unfunny, like the time he stole something from the Gambler and placed it amongst the Jonah's belongings. The Jonah was wrongly flogged as a result.

19-The Dreamer.

This sailor has dreams of finding treasure, of adventure, of battle, but they don't get in the way of his work. Another who is liked by most of the crew.

20-The Teacher

Supplements his pay by teaching various subjects to those of the crew willing to pay for them. A good teacher who can make most of the things he teaches seem exciting. On duty of course he does the same work as everybody else.

21-The Former Pirate

He used to sail with a pirate crew until the Navy of (insert nation of your choice) tracked it down. He was able to pick the lock of his chains and escape from prison the night before the rest of his shipmates were hanged. He privately longs to become a pirate again and sooner or later he and the Would Be Mutineer will find out about each other and become good friends.

22-The Acolyte of Ma-O

This man has a secret that makes the Murderer's look tame. He is a secret cultist of the banned Cult of Ma-O the Water Demon, and has plans of his own to cause trouble. Another man who is secretly ripe for mutiny. In the last port that they went to, he managed to secretly set fire to the town, burning a large part of it down.

23 and 24 Burns and Smithers

These two know each other so well that they finish each other's sentences, and are always found together. If one goes up the mast so does the other, and when off duty they agree where to go and what to do. The Don Juan suspects them of being lovers but since they could be seriously punished, perhaps even hanged, for homosexual sex, he keeps his suspicions to himself.

25-The Braggart

This man brags about how strong he is, the voyages he has sailed on, the famous people he has sailed with ect. Not surprisingly he has few friends and the Brawler hates him with a passion and nearly beat him up once.

26-The Emigrant

This man is working his passage to the other side of the world. Although he does not know all the intricacies of naval protocol, he does his best to make himself useful and most of the crew like him or at least tolerate him, although the Boson gets angry with him at times.

27-The Stowaway

This man should not be on board at all and spends the days in hiding, be it in the hold, the armoury or other places. By night he sneaks onto the deck and pretends to be one of the watch. His voyage is full of both boredom and the fear of getting caught.

28-The Seasick

As long as the weather is good he does well, but if the ship is in a storm, noone likes him working with him in case he throws up all over them. The Boson, the Hero and the Brawler despise him, whilst the Pressed Man, the Jonah and the Surgeon feel sorry for him.

29-The Merry

The best friend of the Hero, an I-love-life man who always tries to be cheerful and to raise the spirits of others. The Pressed Man finds him irritating but many of the others wish that they could be as happy as he is.

30-The Rebel

Another who might one day join the Would Be Mutineer's mutiny, he enjoys the life and does not mind the work, but dislikes the protocol. One of those 'all people are equal types.' He has been flogged for disrespect and he and the Boson hate each other with a passion.

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